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Modern Geek #41: The Most Popular Android Tablet

We discuss the Kindle Fire, the fact that it’s the best selling Android tablet by far, and what this means for the non-iOS tablet market. We add our thoughts to Woz’s recent evaluation of the Windows phone. We discuss Firefox’ move to automated updates and how it’s time for business apps to build to standards […]


Modern Geek #12: Kindle Update, DC Comics/BN, Prepping for iOS5 Update

We run down interesting new news, including Amazon’s option of removing ads from the ad-supported Kindle for $30, Barnes and Noble’s war with DC Comics, and more information about the XBOX TV “network.” And we walk you through what you need to do to be prepared for the coming Apple iOS5 update. Also, we take […]


Modern Geek #9: New Kindles, AeroPress

We run down Amazon’s incredible new range of Kindle devices, making an early attempt to match the new tablet/readers to lots of use cases. We talk briefly about the real use of cloud computing. And we offer a review of/look into the AeroPress, an awesome way to make great coffee by the cup — cheaply.


Big Brother Strikes The Kindle

Think you bought a copy of Orwell’s 1984 or Animal Farm for your Kindle? Think again. This week in a move that would make George himself say “I told you so,” Amazon remotely deleted copies of these Orwell classics from hundreds of Kindles. Though Amazon credited buyers’ accounts for original purchase price, Kindle owners are […]


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