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Live From SDCC: Kevin Smith

Finally, here’s the only man who can hold his own in the wake of the Ironman panel and the reason the hub looks forward to Saturday: Kevin Smith. He has nothing to promote right now, so his was just a straight Q&A that had us falling out of our seats! The man is gracious, kind, […]


Uncomfortable Places/Comforting Flicks

The Terminator arc is happening, and it’s going quite well. Having not seen T1 in a long time, I was still prepared to enjoy the hell out of it — even if its ancient effects would distract. (20 is like 200 in VFX years.) But it turns out that the only part that I even […]


Someone Please Give Kev A Shot At Dig Dug

When I saw io9’s post revealing the first concept art from upcoming monster flick The Borrowers, it totally reminded me of a bit I read on Kevin Smith’s awesomely-intimate My Boring-Ass Life blog some time back (and more recently in the My Boring-Ass Life book, in print form). In a Q&A at one point, someone […]


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