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A Shooter Family Holiday Tradition: A SciFi/Geek Christmas Tree – Vehicle Edition

I’m sure just about everyone reading this article has some sort of a holiday tradition. Our family has several and usually includes the boys in the family going to see whatever SciFi blockbuster is out. This year our plans are to see Tron Legacy together. One of our other long lasting traditions involve each member […]


Geek Deathmatch: Winners And Post-Game Analysis

Since the launch of GWC’s Geek Deathmatch forum we’ve seen some crazycool matchups. And with voting coming to a close on some, I thought I’d share some results. First up we have a group of sci-fi classics: Unicron > Galactus Twiki > Muffit LeeLoo > River Viper > X-Wing Starscream > Cobra Commander Kaylee Frye […]


Starbuck’s Fate

So while the Starbuck bomb still rings in my ears I am left pondering the fate of our intrepid space travelers. I am certain most or all of you have checked out the RDM podcast before you could go to sleep Sunday night. In all its scotch clinking goodness Ron expounds on the loss of […]


Character “Deaths” in BSG

As we all ponder the possibility of a character dying during the remainder of season 3.5, I can’t help but think about how, well, different, BSG is from so many other shows. Whereas you could rest safe that the main characters in most TV shows wouldn’t die because the actors themselves were critical to the […]


Starbuck’s Secrets

There’sbeenspeculation in the comments about Katee Sackhoff leaving BSG, and I would just go insane if they got rid of Starbuck.I’ve been musing on past episodes where we’ve gotten clues about why she is “special” – mostly involving Leoben and torture – but I’m always left wondering how it adds up. We never really got […]


Hard Knocks

Katee Sackhoff is perfectly cast. Starbuck is so crazy, and I think she’s carrying around a lot of pain (about Zack, her childhood, the Farm, the whole Cylon war and occupation). She’s so wonderful and so terrible,sometimes in the same moment. What gets me is the look on her face the morning she marries Anders. […]


Anders: Just Too Good to Stay Alive

You’re Anders, you’ve just broken up with Starbuck and it’s your first day out in the fleet. This has got to be a different situation for the guy. No one is actively shooting at him. He’s a bright, honest guy that’s not afraid of hard work. He’s gotta die. There isn’t room for this guy […]


Call Me Starbuck

Thanks to the commentors for all the great info- especially for filling in the details I spaced on in the podcast about Abraham’s sons – Isaac and Ishmael. Now here’s an interesting one, if a bit of a long shot. The first line of Moby Dick is the famous “Call me Ishmael.” The first mate […]


Kara Thrace, Warrior Painter

Does the name Kara Thrace have any significant meaning? It might if you’re interested in ancient Greek history (as apparently the BSG writers are). Thrace is an area in Eastern Europe that spreads across parts of Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Ancient Thrace, settled around 500 B.C.,also included parts of modern Serbia and Macedonia. The indegenous […]


BSG and Gender Equality: Beyond the Bathrooms

As we were watching the episode “Scar” in our marathon-to-prepare-for-Season-3 the other night, it struck me that it’s really cool that the two “heavy hitters” amongGalactica’s Viper pilots are women, and that the central drama of the episode dealt with the power struggle between Starbuck and Kat. Of course, they’re under Lee’s (the CAG) command, […]


Starbuck’s “Special Purpose”

OK, I couldn’t resist a little poke at The Jerk. Forgive me my strange sense of humor. Seriously, though, as Audra mentioned below, Leoben is the cylon Starbuck “waterboarded” back in the season one eposode Flesh and Bone. As usual I’m having trouble remembering Leoben’s exact phrase, but he essentially toldKara that she would play […]


Starbuck’s Mini-Me?

In one of the trailers for Season 3, we see Leoben Conoy (the Cylon who Starbuck had tortured in the Season 1 episode “Flesh and Bone) holding a little blonde-haired girl and telling her, “This is Kara, your mother.” Leoben’s wearing a colonial uniform and holding the child as if it is his own, and […]


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