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Alpaca-Fleece Hats For Cancer Patients

One alpaca breeding group gathers each year to create fleece hats and socks which they donate to cancer patients. Thanks to this enterprising (if somewhat slow-speaking) iReporter who turned in the story to CNN. Unusual Type of Holiday Generosity [CNN]


My Homemade Chuck Soundtrack

If like me you get a big kick out of the music NBC’s selected to spice up the kick-ass show Chuck, you’ve probably looked around for a soundtrack. The bad news: there isn’t one, and there isn’t likely to be one any time soon. The good news: NBC (and some dedicated fans) have sussed out […]


Large Binocular Telescope Spots Distant (Base)Stars

Okay, so there haven’t been any confirmed sightings of a Cylon ship — but as of this year, the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) perched atop Mount Graham in Arizona is the closest we humans have come to being able to see clearly something that far away. At 580 metric tons (double the weight of the […]


Shuttle Night Launch: Spectacular!

You may have missed this morning’s 2:28 a.m. ET launch of the space shuttle — unless you live in Brevard County, Florida. Besides the fact that the shuttle’s three main engines and two SRB’s make enough noise to be clearly heard in Orlando about fifty miles away, the launch is so bright it turns the […]


Clara Clayton Kicks Back With Hillary Clinton

We normally avoid current political topics here, but I couldn’t help but notice everyone’s favorite time-traveling schoolteacher (Mary Steenburgen) having a brewski with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a CNN Video today. Regardless of how you feel about Clinton (or politics in general), it’s nice to see that Ms. Steenburgen has aged well. You […]


A Masterful Analysis Of The New Iron Man Trailer

Think you’re the only one who watched the new Iron Man trailer at least thirty times? Check out this awesome second-by-second analysis by MTV scribes Shawn Adler and Larry Carroll. From the music to the minute details, they pick up damn near anything there is to see in the two-minute thrill ride, setting it the […]


Make Your Own Paper C3PO — If You Have The Patience Of Yoda

Yes, the C3PO you see pictures above is indeed made entirely of paper. As one not well acquainted with the art of papercraft, I’m nothing short of amazed by it. It’s an incredible design. The good news: if you’ve got the patience to assemble it, you can easily build your own. The design is available […]


Six Rules For Starlets Gleaned From Geek Superstar Natalie Portman

MSNBC film critic Alonso Duralde has rounded up six lessons Hollywood starlets can learn from the youngest Star Wars royalty, Natalie Portman. He writes: In an age of starlets gone wild — and the pursuit of same by the insatiable scandal-sheet press corps — Portman has risen to the top of her profession with smarts […]


Carl Sagan + Stamp = Cool

The inimitable David Pescovitz at BoingBoing discovered today that “the Sagan Appreciation Society is petitioning the US Postal Service to issue a postage stamp honoring astronomer and science writer Carl Sagan.” Personally, I’m entirely for it. I grew up — as did Sean — on episodes of Cosmos. And while the movie Contact was fun, […]


The Video Game Pianist

Martin Leung is a classical pianist with a twist: he plays music from video games. And while the idea of hearing the themes from Mario Bro’s first level on the piano may not sound exciting, I can personally tell you that it’s not only exciting –it’s addictive. When GWC reader dxf turned me on to […]


Dragon*Con, Bamber Bunnies, And Bachelorette Parties

Note: You’ve probably heard a lot of discussion about some of the things Jamie Bamber and Aaron Douglas said during Dragon*Con recently. Well this post isn’t about those things. It’s about some of the other awesome things that happened at D*C— as experienced by longtime GWC community member Raemani. I’ll let her take it from […]


A Cylon Raider From Space

At this year’s O’Reilly Foo Camp, a few enterprising artists were offered the opportunity to create some, um, unique art that would likely appear later in space shots from Google Earth and possibly other such utilities. They created some Space Invaders characters from large white blocks, but the item above will likely be of more […]


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