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76 Trombones Led The “Glee” Parade

While most GWC denizens are sci-fi/fantasy geeks, there’s a healthy number of us that have fallen in love with the musical TV show Glee.  Something about awkward high school misfits belting their hearts out in the face of overwhelming unpopularity speaks to anyone who’s ever sat at the wrong lunch table.  But if you’re still […]


SMART Phone Autocorrect Fun

Aren’t SMART phones fun? It seems the unofficial SMART phone of choice for most GWCers is the iPhone. However, for those of us that have carriers other than AT&T, there are other choices available. Personally I have the Motorola DROID through Verizon. And even though I can’t wait for Verizon and Apple to finally unveil/announce […]


Passing On The Family Geek Card

I’ll be the first to admit that Shooter Jr is not really “Junior.” He’s not a mini-Shooter or a cloned version of me, and his real name has nothing close to Junior in it. Admittedly, though, the Junior tag has grown with both of us ever since the GWC Indiana Jones podcast arc. But Shooter […]


Patching Software From Eight Billion Miles Away

Just came across this AP article describing how NASA Engineers are currently troubleshooting a software glitch on Voyager 2, which recently caused the probe to send its scientific data in an unreadable format. While reprogramming extraplanetary probes is nothing new (we’ve been doing it for years with the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity), there’s a […]


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Two years ago this month a game arrived in an overly saturated market that changed the gaming landscape forever — and my perception of first person shooter games. That game was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from Infinity Ward. It was the third game of the series and a quantum leap up from Call […]


The Ares I-X: Our Next Starship?

Ares I-X Test Flight; Oct. 28, 2009 In the wake of the epic Cosmos podcast arc, it seems fitting that the discussion about the future of space flight has come into the forefront of the news. With the Space Shuttle program due to be retired in 2010, NASA has taken a page out of the […]


A Glorious Dawn (Feat. Stephen Hawking)

Yeah, auto-tune’s become all the joke lately, with enterprising folks applying T-Painery to everything from cats meowing to Mr. T. But the above video is no joke. It’s pretty darn bad-ass. And it’s significant when you consider that we’re just a few weeks away from taking a fun look at Cosmos.


Battlestar Galactica Changes The Wor[l]d

There are so many reason we love this show. The acting. The writing. The effects. The mythology. But it sounds like BSG did something a lot bigger than win an Emmy. Evidently, the UN will no longer use the word “race” as a cultural determinant. We will all be considered a part of one race: the […]


A Tron Recollection…

The formal part of the birthday party had finished. Most of the boys went home; only a few of us stayed for the sleepover. We ate our hot dogs, drank our soda, and sat down to watch a movie on the VHS. “What are we watching?” I asked “Some movie called Tron” the host replied. […]


Mythbusters Test Gorn Cannon, We Bring The Science

To those of you who don’t already know: Grant Imahara and the gang at Mythbusters will put the theory of the Gorn cannon from Star Trek TOS to the test on next season’s Viewer’s Special episode. Mr. Imahara’s July 8th tweet announcing the event: “YesssssKirk!!! It’s official. #Gorncannon is a go for next season’s Viewer’s […]


It’s Just Cool: Hulu Desktop

Hulu’s relatively new desktop app turns your computer into what you wish your TV could be: a massive source of on-demand television content easily managed via remote control. And if you’re one of the few who’s slung a PC or Mac off your LCD or Plasma TV, you now have the ultimate on-demand set-top box.


Halo On The 154 Inch “Screen”

I don’t have a big ass projection system at home. I do have some good sized TV’s here and there but my siblings and I are getting older now and our eyesight doesn’t work out as well as it did when we were all eighteen. To combat this minor factor we strung my 360 up […]


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