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Modern Geek #22: Christmas Hauls, Listener Calls

We wonder when Firefox will stop the onslaught of business-use-killing version numbers. We talk about the latest Boxee PC update and how Boxee’s discontinuance of the PC version makes sense. Juan tells us about his new PS3 and his accessory purchase plans. And we take listener calls, including a great SIRI use case, discussion of […]


Eff This Week: Live Thursday Aug. 25th at 9:00 PM CT

Join us for the inaugural episode of our new live podcast Eff This Week tomorrow, Thursday August 25th. We kick off the show at 9:00 p.m. central time, streaming it live via UStream. We’ll interact with the audience as well, both via the UStream text chat and via Twitter. If you’re on a Flash-capable device […]


Behind the Mic: 4 Things to Know About iTunes, RSS and Other Podcatchers

If you consume podcasts, you’ve probably discovered the joy of podcatchers — applications which automatically keep track of the latest podcasts, download them, and transfer them painlessly to your favorite portable devices. Used correctly, they’ll make your life MUCH easier and dramatically increase your podcast enjoyment. But to take full advantage of podcatchers — especially […]


Survey: How Do You GWC?

As GWC’s resident super-tech, I’m curious as to how our listeners catch our show each week. With all the awesome technology out there today, its become obvious that iTunes isn’t the only way to catch our ‘cast, and I’d like you to tell me about it. Do you Zune? Do you Blackberry? Do you (insert […]


My Homemade Chuck Soundtrack

If like me you get a big kick out of the music NBC’s selected to spice up the kick-ass show Chuck, you’ve probably looked around for a soundtrack. The bad news: there isn’t one, and there isn’t likely to be one any time soon. The good news: NBC (and some dedicated fans) have sussed out […]


NBC + iTunes = BFF (For Now)

According to Engadget’s live coverage of Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event today, NBC and iTunes have ended their feud and are now making with the TV again. In HD to boot. A quick check shows that as of right now there’s still no BSG in the iTunes store, so I’m guessing that we’ll see NBC’s content […]


No More BSG On iTunes?

According to a New York Times article today, NBC Universal will not renew its iTunes contract with Apple, meaning that unless things change between now and then, Battlestar Galactica will disappear from iTunes as of January 1, 2008. As the ‘Times says, “The decision by NBC Universal highlights the escalating tension between Apple and media […]


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