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GWC Direct-To-Archive #5

Here’s our GWC Book Club TalkCast on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation in its entirety. (Originally recorded live December 6, 2008). The Book Club TalkCast is now a monthly event. If you’d like to participate, check out the book club discussion and book selection thread on the forum, and look for another TalkCast next month discussing The […]


Geek Deathmatch: Winners And Post-Game Analysis

Since the launch of GWC’s Geek Deathmatch forum we’ve seen some crazycool matchups. And with voting coming to a close on some, I thought I’d share some results. First up we have a group of sci-fi classics: Unicron > Galactus Twiki > Muffit LeeLoo > River Viper > X-Wing Starscream > Cobra Commander Kaylee Frye […]


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