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GWC #356: Alien Sex, The Tannen Law

We blast into 2013 with some nooooooos! and enjoy some classic GWC banter. And we run down the Week in Geek, including newly revealed details about Gates McFadden’s Season 2 departure from Next Gen (it had to do with sexism, despite the gender equality Beverly insists upon to Soren of the sack-cloth); the UK’s X-rating of the original […]


GWC #326: Growing Up Geek/The Hero and The Crown

We continue our growing up geek arc with the novel The Hero and The Crown, which provided Sean entry into the worlds of reading and fantasy. We discuss how his experience (and others like his) lead to lifetime learning, advocate for more flexible reading lists for early readers, and talk about the true purposes of […]


GWC #320: Avengers Pt. 3, Iron Man 2

Our Avengers lead-up arc marches on with a re-watch of Iron Man 2.


GWC #319: Avengers Part 2, Iron Man

We continue our Avengers arc with the first Iron Man movie. Chuck relates why he connects so much with Tony Stark. We question whether we finally live in a world where a new Iron Man-like story could feature a female protagonist. And we run down the week in geek, including our celebrations of First Contact […]


GWC #291: Fantasy Casting Showdown

So we started out tonight to make a second podcast about geek meetups, but had so much fun casting new movies (some real, some imagined) that we just gave in and had a good time. You know how we roll. Also, we run down the week in geek, including the possibility of a new Mass […]


Cowboys, Aliens, and SDCC Smack

The Operator sent over an interesting article this morning from Slashfilm pointing out that we’ll get a Cowboys and Aliens screening at San Diego Comic Con this year (woot!) and noting that some studios are planning to “skip” the ‘con of ‘cons this year. Specifically, “Warner Bros., Disney, and DreamWorks aren’t bringing films to the […]


Upcoming Films For 2011 And Beyond

As I write this blog entry, 2010 is coming to a close and New Year’s is right around the corner. After enjoying Tron: Legacy last week with family and friends, I started to wonder what will be the holiday movie blockbuster next year. From there it was a short trip to wonder what the entire […]


GWC #250: Tron Legacy

We catch the premiere of Tron Legacy and celebrate our 250th GWC podcast. And we run down the week in geek, including Mark Wahlberg’s rendition of The Touch, new Pirates of the Caribbean Strange Tides info, a new Tron arcade world record, the Muppet wedding proposal, the departure of SG:U from TV and Favreau from […]


GWC #218: Iron Man, Star Trek Douchebags

This week: Comic author and Iron Man movie consultant Matt Fraction joins us to discuss Tony Stark. We go all Galileo on Kai Winn in the first installation of our Star Trek douchebags arc. And we talk Iron Man 2, having enjoyed the premiere immensely. We also run down the week in geek including Alexander […]


GWC #217: Iron Man, Firefly

This week: We talk Iron Man in preparation for next week’s Iron Man 2 premiere joined by Ultimate Guide to Iron Man author Matthew Manning. We dive into two new Firefly episodes, War Stories and Trash. And we run down the week in geek including Stephen Hawking’s anti-alien sentiment, lots of nasty Iron Man 2 […]


GWC #210: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This week we wrap up our Indy Jones arc with a discussion of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We also run down the week in geek, including the new Iron Man trailer, the new Tron Legacy trailer, the new Eclipse trailer, Corey Haim’s sad passing, and Andy Whitfield’s cancer diagnosis. We look forward to seeing […]


Marvel Anime!!

Greetings all — Operator here… Found some anime goodness that caught my eye. I’ll give you a hint: one has armor and the other has claws. Peep out the trailers after the jump.


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