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Modern Geek #85: Late September

A much belated episode of Modern Geek! Chuck and Juan talk about the new iPhone(s), discover that RaspyFi has duplicated their MPD/Raspberry Pi music server setup, and discuss DIY hardware and its role in outside-the-box innovation.


What is a Meetup, Really?

“This looks familiar, vaguely familiar, almost unreal, yet, it’s too soon to feel yet. Close to my soul, and yet so far away. I’m going to go back there someday” – Gonzo, “I’m Going to go Back There Someday” – The Muppet Movie Ever since childhood that song has always resonated with me but I […]


Modern Geek #60: Purple Flare

Chuck and Juan take an in-depth look at digital content rights and journalistic censorship on the internet, and how online news media is getting the short end of the ContentID stick. We also discuss the recent Skype phishing attacks, and check in with the fight against the “Microsoft Tech Support” phone scam. Also, we discuss […]


Modern Geek #57: Apps and iPhones

It’s that time of the year again – we run through the details on the new iPhone 5 features. Also, we take a look at Google’s new YouTube app for the iPhone, the Docs app for the iPad, and the latest update to RunKeeper.


Modern Geek 55: Old iPhone Uses

We drool over the Galaxy Note 2, run through a few random tech articles, discuss the latest Java update, and discuss various uses for our disturbingly large stacks of old iPhones.


Modern Geek #51: Mophie Juice Pack, Small Problem Solutions

Chuck relates the woes of a nearby electrical strike. We review the Mophie Juice Pack Plus (and Air) iPhone battery cases. And Juan shares some of his awesome solutions to little problems around his office, including a low-buck fix for Bluetooth Magic Mouse connection woes, a cheap (but awesome) wireless keyboard (the Logitech K360, $30), […]


Modern Geek #22: Christmas Hauls, Listener Calls

We wonder when Firefox will stop the onslaught of business-use-killing version numbers. We talk about the latest Boxee PC update and how Boxee’s discontinuance of the PC version makes sense. Juan tells us about his new PS3 and his accessory purchase plans. And we take listener calls, including a great SIRI use case, discussion of […]


Modern Geek #20: Twitter iOS Updates/Desktop Software Sales

This week Twitter deployed major changes to their iPhone app, and we run down the new changes and what they mean to your online social life. We discuss when it makes sense to pay (sometimes big bucks) for a mobile app and when to stick to the freebies. And we take a look at some […]


Modern Geek #19: Listener Calls, Podcast Rig Geeking

In this bonus episode of Modern Geek, we take listener calls, including a question about WiFi slowdowns on the iPhone, a successful Roku-based cutting of the cable TV cord, and an inquiry as to the best camera choice for taking pictures of active children. Also, we geek out a bit about the technical hurdles we […]


Modern Geek #14: SSDs, Windows 8

Juan talks us through the magic of installing an SSD to give an older (but still usable) computer a serious kick in the performance ass. We talk Windows 8 and iPhone 4S battery problem updates. And we take some awesome listener calls, including an opinion on the AppleTV entertainment center solution and a killer steampunk […]


Modern Geek #13: Ice Cream Sandwich, Future of Media

We run down some basics of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich launch — and admit that we’re woefully under-informed about new Android developments. We discuss the future of media and what the latest convergence devices might do to the way we consume TV and movies. And we cover some Apple launch-day glitches and recommendations for […]


GWC #294: Star Trek Vehicles

We harken back to our vehicle arc as we discuss vehicles in the Star Trek franchise. Sean tells us all about the Final Fantasy games for the iPhone and iPad. And we run down the week in geek, including new Starship Troopers material, a possible new Turing flick, and lots, lots more. It’s almost like […]


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