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Modern Geek #28: Cloud-Based OS Access, Computer-on-a-Stick

Juan shares his junk pile adventures complete with the recovery of an original World of Warcraft manual. We note remote-game-purveyor OnLive’s foray into cloud-based OS access, discussing just how much cloud computing has modified the small business landscape. We drool a bit on a $35 computer-on-a-stick that’s a project just waiting to happen. And we […]


Modern Geek #25: CES, XBox 720 DVR

We have some fun with a bit of off-site CES coverage followed by a nice long discussion of the XBox 720 DVR possibility and the business decisions that drive it. Also, we take some listener calls, including a Mac Pro SSD upgrade experience and a question about leaving iOS devices plugged in overnight.


Happy 2012! Meetup News! It’s Thursday!

Happy new year, everyone! I’m pretty excited about where GWC’s headed this year and thought I’d share a few bits of news and happenings. First, we’re making some SERIOUS progress on our plans for the 2012 International Meetup. We announced the date (March 16-18, 2012) on the forum back in November, but it’s taken us […]


Modern Geek #21: XBox Live Dashboard Update, iOS App

We talk through the latest Xbox Live dashboard update. We express our surprise at the usefulness of the XBL iOS app. And we give some serious thought (and talk, of course) to how incredibly apt we find the Win8 panels interface on both Windows phones and the 360. Where’s our Apple-quality functionality with a bad-ass […]


Modern Geek #20: Twitter iOS Updates/Desktop Software Sales

This week Twitter deployed major changes to their iPhone app, and we run down the new changes and what they mean to your online social life. We discuss when it makes sense to pay (sometimes big bucks) for a mobile app and when to stick to the freebies. And we take a look at some […]


Modern Geek #15: SIRI Explainer/Redundancy vs. Backup

We cover the iOS 5.0.1 release — the platform’s first OTA update. We explain the basics of how SIRI works and why outages occur. We discuss Adobe’s halt of movie/TV Flash player development and what it means to the industry. We delve into the differences between redundancy and backup when it comes to data protection, […]


Modern Geek #5: Voicemail Show

You called, and we respond! Since we didn’t have time to address all your (awesome) calls in this week’s main episode, we added this bonus voicemail show. Highlights: We describe some of the technical magic that automatically strips, converts, and positions the voicemails that come in to all the various GWC podcast. We hear MG […]


Eff This Week: Live Thursday Aug. 25th at 9:00 PM CT

Join us for the inaugural episode of our new live podcast Eff This Week tomorrow, Thursday August 25th. We kick off the show at 9:00 p.m. central time, streaming it live via UStream. We’ll interact with the audience as well, both via the UStream text chat and via Twitter. If you’re on a Flash-capable device […]


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