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Modern Geek #81: Rasplex and App Updates

Juan’s moved into his new place, and has discovered yet another use for a Raspberry Pi – as a Plex media frontend using Rasplex. Chuck and Juan also take a look at some of the recent iOS app updates.


Modern Geek #72: Cloud Printing, IE Ad Fail

We have some fun with the latest IE commercial, which seems both apologetic and nostalgic at the same time. We talk through Google’s Chrome-based cloud print system. We note the (almost unnotable) iOS 6.1 update. We wonder if the sun is setting on the universal remote. We discuss Netflix’s potential new profile system. And we […]


Modern Geek #68: Apps, Maps, and Fraps

We run down some of the apps we’ve look at lately, including MetroTwit (Juan’s new-fav Win Twitter client), Google Maps for iOS (now that we’ve had some time to use it), and the Wake ‘N Shake alarm clock (featuring a GlaDOS sound-alike not to be missed). Also, we discuss Juan’s experience with a 24-FPS Hobbit […]


Modern Geek #64: RAID Woes, IFTTT, App Updates

Juan tells us a bit about his recent RAID woes and offers advice for how to think about storage and backup. We take a look at the site (pronounced like “gift” without the G) which helps you automate tasks between online services like Facebook, Flickr, Evernote, and Google Drive. We note the passing of […]


GWC #349: Video Game Villains

We wrap up our discussion of video game heroes and villains with a look into how interaction changes the character and story experience. And we run down the week in geek, including new Spartacus news, lament for the end of Red Dwarf X, a Dibblifier app for iOS which allows you to turn yourself into […]


Modern Geek #50: Google I/O Part 3, Glass, Chrome

We speculate on the ultimate use case of Google’s Glass, and for comparison, check back with Chuck on the day-to-day use of SIRI. Also, Juan takes the plunge and logs his browser into the cloud to test tab sync with Chrome on iOS.


Modern Geek #43: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Review, Instacast

Chuck reviews the sweet iOS podcast manager app Instacast. Will WiFi work out of the box? Will ACPI suck? What’s that new app store like? Juan delivers the details in a run-down of his experiences installing and trying out the latest long term support Ubuntu release — without opening a terminal.


Modern Geek #41: The Most Popular Android Tablet

We discuss the Kindle Fire, the fact that it’s the best selling Android tablet by far, and what this means for the non-iOS tablet market. We add our thoughts to Woz’s recent evaluation of the Windows phone. We discuss Firefox’ move to automated updates and how it’s time for business apps to build to standards […]


Modern Geek #37: Draw Something/360 Cloud Sync Fail

Juan shares a story about using Skype and Google Hangout to attend his mother’s birthday party while sick with the flu — and even recruit friends from around the country to sing the famous happy birthday song. We discuss the new viral iOS game app Draw Something and how it netted its creator around $200 […]


Modern Geek #35: The New iPad/ME3 Dynamics

We walk you through the details of the New iPad announcement including iOS 5.1 (and all its changes), the new Retina display, the updated camera, voice dictation, new 4G LTE radios, a slightly-more-portly weight and size, and a new battery to keep battery life similar. We also note Bioware’s awesome decision to include a dynamic […]


Modern Geek #31: Win8, Antennagate, Switching, Clear App Review

We run down the news, including Apple’s final “antennagate” settlement (hint: you probably already got yours), our take on the new Windows 8 logo (and Microsoft’s Win8 future), Google’s new Chrome “sign in,” the new Minecraft-themed Lego sets, and this week’s WebOS governance rules announcement. We also offer some tips to a listener who asked […]


Live Meetup Q&A This Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 8:00 p.m. CT

In the first week since we opened RSVPs and registration for the 2012 international meetup we’ve seen almost as many RSVPs as we had in all of last year. Clearly it’s gonna be a kick-ass time, as defined by the fact that some of the coolest people in the world (GWCers, natch) will be there. […]


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