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GWC GWC Podcast #126

This week: Independence Day. Highlights: besides pointing out the forum’s achievement of 100,000 posts, we talk about the “sci-fi hookup,” relate our ID “first time” stories, note Goldblum’s nerdy-sexy nature (and advanced, Smith-beating swagger), hear Audra’s “oh” face, love on Adam Baldwin’s great ID appearance, enjoy ID’s cheesy goodness, worry about Watchmen’s possibly-modified ending (sans […]


Next Up: Will Smith Podcast Arc

What do Men in Black, Independence Day, and I, Robot have in common? …if you said 7 Degrees of Scifi goodness, step right up and get your geek card validated. Men in Black -> Tony Shalhoub -> Galaxy Quest Independence Day -> Mary McDonnell -> Battlestar Galactica I, Robot -> Alan Tudyk -> Firefly/Serenity The […]


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