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Save Eureka #42: S05E09 Smarter Carter

We explore some heady questions, like what qualities make a person valuable in Eureka, whether intelligence is really inversely proportionate to “heart,” and why the town as a whole should develop a broader appreciation of human traits (instead of just the “genius gene”). We appreciate the humor (as always), riffing on Deputy Andy and S.A.R.A.H. […]


Save Eureka #17: Purple Haze

We enjoy the humor (and all-round awesomeness) of Taggart and Allison showing some skin. We note some key moments in Eureka long-term-arc continuity exposed in this episode as well as some killer character development. We get a big kick out of the Fargo/Seth slap fight — and the quite realistic Allison/Bevery showdown. We discuss the […]


Voyager + Beer = Crass Entertainment

Yes, it’s lame. And I’m (almost) embarrassed to be be posting it. But it’s also funny, especially after a few — you guessed it — BEERS. Check it out. (Or don’t, and save the next one minute and twenty-four seconds of your life for productive purposes.) [via]


Monty Python + Darth Vader = Hilarious

Personally, I think whoever made this — the poster claims it’s not his — deserves internet immortality far more than the Star Wars Kid. This is comedy genius.


Job Requirement #4: Love The Venture Brothers

Apparently working for SEOmoz, a Seattle-based search engine optimization company, requires some taste. From a job posting on their website: Don’t be wooed by the big firms — come to a place where your talents are appreciated, your voice is heard, and your code has an impact. If you can answer the following 5 questions […]


Patrick Stewart On Extras [ROFL]

As many GWCers know, Patrick Stewart has an incredible sense of humor. Here’s the latest example. This tells me one thing: clearly I’m not watching enough BBC TV. Hopefully now that a lot of it’ll be available on iTunes, I can fix that. Extras (TV Series) [Wikipedia] [via]


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