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Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut

A while back, I came across, a site that divided Star Wars (A New Hope) into 15-second segments and encouraged Star Wars fans to take one of the clips, shoot it however they deemed fit, and upload the sequence back to the site. The end result includes some pretty well-crafted shots and, well, some […]


An Interview With @FakeGrimlock

Are you a Transformers fan? Do you enjoy reading funny and/or geek-related Twitter streams? If either and/or both the answers to those questions are yes, I wholeheartedly recommend you follow @FakeGrimlock. There’s just something special about an eons-old Dinobot making his entrance to the internet through Twitter. Whether it’s his robot brain damage or semi-ambivalence […]


SMART Phone Autocorrect Fun

Aren’t SMART phones fun? It seems the unofficial SMART phone of choice for most GWCers is the iPhone. However, for those of us that have carriers other than AT&T, there are other choices available. Personally I have the Motorola DROID through Verizon. And even though I can’t wait for Verizon and Apple to finally unveil/announce […]


Live From SDCC: The Next Food Network Star?

Just a small morsel to temp your taste buds on the exhibit hall floor! The next Food Network Star? You saw it here first! (Or maybe at your local con. Either way!) Friday was such a great day. We’re all beat. More details later as my mind is still on hyper-drive.


Top 10 Ways You Know You’re About to Die in BSG

10. A centurion tries to shoot the guy next to you 9. Dee blows you off for a buffer model 8. You’re alone in a bathroom with Baltar and a chick with a pipe 7. You’re standing next to Admiral Cain 6. Caprica Six slips you the tongue 5. Jamie Bamber’s wife is performing your […]


Top Ten Least Likely Occurrences in BSG Season 4

10. All will be revealed –the next time Cavil’s sliding around in slick goo. 9. Gaeta hooks up with Racetrack. Or Seelix. Or any woman. 8. Little Nicky dons the nickname “Boxey” and grows his hair into a shaggy bowl. 7. Helo is revealed as the One True God. 6. Joe’s Bar becomes Quark’s Bar. […]


BSG Gag Real — Old School

The frak-up wasn’t invented yesterday, as this blooper reel from the original Battlestar Galactica series shows. Not to be missed: Richard Hatch’s numerous appearances, Dirk Benedict’s foul mouth, Adama in bed with a daggit, “plot missing,” and “finding earth.”


Star Wars According To A 3-Year-Old

Apologies if you’ve already seen this since it’s made the rounds, but who doesn’t have a minute-and-a-half to hear a New Hope summary from a sweet little three-year-old? My favorite bits: She points out that “the shiny guy always worries,” “Obi wants Luke to learn to use the light-up sword,” and most importantly, “Don’t talk […]


The Twelve Days of BSG

On the Twelfth Day of BSG my true love gave to me: Twelve Raiders Raiding Eleven Vipers Viping Ten Larrys Leaping Nine Gaetas Prancing Eight Naked Sharons Seven Spines a’Glowing Six Sixes Laying Five Tubs of Goo! Four Battling Birds Three Hybrids Two Pyramid Balls And the Towel that was Draped Around Lee!


Top Ten Ways to Mispronounce “Battlestar Galactica”

10. Paddle-ball Fantastica 9. Cattle-barn Milk Lactica 8. Snaggle Yarn Cat Scratchtica 7. Heavy-Scar Raidertica 6. Anders Rocks the Sacktica 5. President Airlocktica 4. Whiskey Bar Frakked-up Gaeta 3. Buccaneer Beertactica 2. Cylons get Knocked-uptica 1. Battlestar Kick-Asstica *Bonus from Chuck: Felgercarb Fraktaktica!


SciFi’s Top Ten Reasons for Delaying Season 4 Until 2009

10. By 2009, an entire new generation of sci-fi fans will have been born, and we can use the last half of SeasonFour to squeeze profits from them. 9. The ass-beating the network will receive from Battlestar’s rabid fanbase will be less bloody than if we waited ’till 2010, like we originally wanted to. 8. […]


Top Ten Reasons Admiral Cain Became a Cold-Blooded Beeyotch

We know that when Razor is released we’ll get to see the back story of how Cain dealt with the attacks on the colonies. It’s been suggested she may not have always been the ice queen we came to know and love/hate. Here’re the top ten reasons she got that way: 10. She was gonna […]


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