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Are the Rising Costs of Geek Communications Worth It?

I’m a tech geek. I love my gadgets. But tech comes at a cost, and a recent Modern Geek Podcast on how geeks communicate got me thinking: how much does all this newfangled technology really cost us? For a household of six, my family’s monthly entertainment/communications costs are outrageous (cue the “Get off my lawn!” sound […]


It’s Just Cool: Hulu Desktop

Hulu’s relatively new desktop app turns your computer into what you wish your TV could be: a massive source of on-demand television content easily managed via remote control. And if you’re one of the few who’s slung a PC or Mac off your LCD or Plasma TV, you now have the ultimate on-demand set-top box.


SG-1 Season 4 Now Available On Hulu

If you’re (like me) a relatively new Stargater and (like me) don’t have the cash at the moment to score a full box set, you’ve probably been (like me) watching seasons one, two, and three over and over again on Hulu. Despair not: Hulu now offers season four as well — twenty-two episodes of your […]


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