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GWC Fantasy Sci-fi Interlude: Solid Edition

I’ve been in a GWC fantasy football league for the past two seasons. Fantasy football is a fun way to spend time with the GWC community as well as learn more about players, teams, and football in general than you’ll ever want to learn. The GWC Fantasy Sci-fi League is like that except better. You […]


GWC #265: Non-Interference Part II, Chris Hardwick

We’re joined by comedian, author, and all-round awesome guy Chris Hardwick — the Nerdist! We take a look at the prime directive in action via an episode from each Trek TV series. And we run down the week in geek, including a new (heartening) Green Lantern trailer, a rundown of this year’s online April Fools […]


GWC #176: Eve Online, The Honorverse, Clear Skies, Interview with Ian Chisholm

This week we discuss the awesome MMO Eve Online and David Weber’s Honorverse, joined by in-studio guest GWCer Juan! Highlights: we talk to the talented and fun Ian Chisholm (creator of the machinima feature films Clear Skies and Clear Skies 2), compare Eve’s all-PvP universe to other MMOs, taste a bit of the yarr with […]


The Honor Harrington Series

It takes me a while to plow through books. Mostly because I have roughly 12 active hobbies at any one time and have to steal time form the others to pursue one. Back in May I started reading the first book in a twelve novel series about a space fairing star captain named Honor Harrington […]


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