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FitSmart #38: Holiday Forgiveness

In this episode of FitSmart, we implore you to give yourself a much-needed break this holiday season. Keep that “screw you” spirit strong and make your own decisions about exercise and diet during the holidays, but once you’ve made a decision, accept it and enjoy yourself. Also, we take a listener calls.


Modern Geek #65: Black Friday/Holiday Buying for Geeks

We discuss some past bad experiences with Black Friday shopping deals and offer recommendations for avoiding disappointment. We offer some suggestions for saving on holiday shipping. We dive into the world of buying holiday presents for geeks — people who are, by definition, seriously picky about what they like. And we take listener calls, including […]


Eff This Week #14: The Whispering Eye of Sauron

It’s our penultimate pre-holiday hangout, and we’re predictably punchy at the beginning, finally trailing off toward our inevitable crash. The chat was quite engaged this evening, and as always we thank everyone for sharing a bit of the evening with us. Your crew this week: Audra, Chuck, and Juan.


GWC #302: Christmas 2011

We offer up some holiday entertainment to hopefully help make that Christmas travel just a little bit easier this season. Rock legends Donnie Iris and the Cruisers join us with a special performance to set the holiday tone. Joanna Wilson, author of ‘Tis The Season TV and the Christmas TV Companion walks us through the […]


Save Eureka #18: Do You See What I See?

It’s holiday time, and you know what that means: a special holiday episode of Eureka! Come enjoy your favorite smarties with us as they take on all new character — which in this case means animation. It’s fun. It’s funny. And it even gives us some new insight into the characters. Also: we spend some […]


GWC #300: Live Callers, FSL Special, Dr. Wichelns

This week’s special 300th episode of Galactic Watercooler was recorded live in front of a (remote) studio audience. We take a number of live callers. We bring you a special version of Fantasy Sci-Fi League in which our audience-selected team of heroes saves the holiday. We bring back the Reverend Dr. Wichelns (one of GWC’s […]


GWC #299: Geeksgiving

This week we give thanks for some of the geeky things we loved this year. And we discover a ball-slappingly good time with Audra’s new holiday: Spanksgiving. Oh yeah, we also run down the week in geek including a ton of Trek movie news and Audra’s take on the neolithic iPad.


GWC #298: Geek Gifts

We talk about some of our favorite geek gifts this holiday season. And we run down the week in geek, including lots more Skyrim love, a discussion of The Captains documentary, new Trek 2/12 news (filming and work on effects shots has begun), Sean’s take on Anita Blake audiobooks and sex in magic, some talk […]


Skiffy Waffles, Cans Eureka

After ordering episodes so far ahead that when we talked to Colin Ferguson back in May (GWC #273), he was already on the set shooting season five before we’d even begun to see the second half of season four, SyFy announced yesterday the end of Eureka. It was a roller-coaster week for fans of the […]


Snowblowers, Wine Coolers and William Shatner

When we say we are the friendliest frakin’ people in scifi we mean it. We are a community of people who respect each other, share with each other and have fun with each other. We are clever, we are occasionally insightful and almost always hi-larious. One perfect example of our friendly hivemind leaping into action […]


Upcoming Films For 2011 And Beyond

As I write this blog entry, 2010 is coming to a close and New Year’s is right around the corner. After enjoying Tron: Legacy last week with family and friends, I started to wonder what will be the holiday movie blockbuster next year. From there it was a short trip to wonder what the entire […]


A Shooter Family Holiday Tradition: A SciFi/Geek Christmas Tree – Vehicle Edition

I’m sure just about everyone reading this article has some sort of a holiday tradition. Our family has several and usually includes the boys in the family going to see whatever SciFi blockbuster is out. This year our plans are to see Tron Legacy together. One of our other long lasting traditions involve each member […]


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