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GWC GWC Podcast #112

Wrapping up our Star Wars podcast arc, we squeeze in one last podcast solely to address listener calls. Highlights: we check in with GWCers who attended ComiCon, listen to DawnAZ’s “high maintenance” Leia howler, talk Star Wars toys one last time, wonder about SW droid religions, marvel at the uncool that is Corvette Summer, offer […]


GWC GWC Podcast #111

With this week’s feature, Return of the Jedi, we near the end of our GWC Star Wars podcast arc. Highlights: we marvel at Leia’s distinct memory of her mother’s beauty during the two minutes they both lived, questioned the Jedi “from some point of view” approach to truth, skeeved out at Palpatine the perv, discussed […]


GWC GWC Podcast #110

This week’s Star Wars arc feature: Empire. Highlights: We share additional “original” Star Wars experiences with callers, discuss stories without beginnings or endings, again talk “vintage” toys, wonder how bad tauntauns must smell (considering Han could still smell ’em in the cold), analyze Han’s decision to follow Leia (and what it means for his “scoundrel” […]


GWC GWC Podcast #109

It’s time for the Star Wars that started it all: Episode IV, A New Hope. Highlights: we discuss the female fascination with the man in black, argue the meaning of “high maintenance,” notice (yet again) that Leia is smokin’ hot, talk droid knowledge and their interaction with Vader in the original trilogy, comment on Ben’s […]


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