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BSG Re-Watch Schedule Changes

Since we’re officially waiting until April for new post-Razor Galactica, we decided to “unpack” the re-watch schedule a bit, giving each episode its own week instead of stacking up two-part episodes. We’ve updated the schedule in the official calendar over in the forum. Immediately — GWC “immediately,” not Sci-Fi “immediately” — this means that next […]


Don’t Forget To Vote — And Read!

The selection election for the GWC Book Club November Book of the Month is in full swing over on the forum. Don’t forget to stop by and cast your vote. Currently the four leaders are: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card The Long, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams Nineteen Eighty-Four by George […]


The Forum Is Open

As I’ve said in the podcast, creating the forum was a tough decision for us. We’ve seen where forums can sometimes lead — both goodand bad. That’s why we were very reluctant to change the formula we accidentally stumbled upon that enabled all of you to find GWC and enjoy yourselves here. But the kick-ass […]


GWC’s Flickr Photo Pool

This morning we added another feature to GWC: a Flickr photo pool. This is an easy way for us — and you! — to share your GWC-related photos. We kicked things off by adding a few of our own. Specifically, I uploaded a shot of me and Audra with someone everyone here’ll recognize (Sean’s behind […]


Happy Birthday, GWC!

First of all, we’d like to wish all of you who’ve stuck it out with us for the last year Happy Birthday. Indeed, GWC will be one year old tomorrow. We were saving the new design for tomorrow, but we ran into some issues that forced us to go ahead with it. So here ’tis. […]


Site Upgrades/Hosting Outages

Please note: we’re in the process of adjusting our hosting service and Galactica Watercooler may experience brief outages. But don’t worry — we’re not going anywhere. We’re just working out some kinks to bring you the first of some of the planned GWC site upgrades. Update #1: We’re deploying some of the changes. We’re poor, […]


Podcast Shortly

We got kind of a late start recording tonight, but the podcast is in post-production right now and should be out on the site right around midnight. By the way, we were a bit tired and, well, beat down from a really long week when we recorded tonight’s podcast, so forgive us if we’re a […]


Podcast Tomorrow

Since I we (sorry, Goose) had a lot to do this weekend, we weren’t able to record tonight. Rest assured, though, that we’re not abandoning you. We’ve all set aside time to record tomorrow night, and you’ll get the podcast late tomorrow night. Or maybe early Tuesday morning depending on whether I’m in the mood […]


Re-Watch Schedule Update

As a number of you have astutely noticed, our current re-watch schedule runs a tad bit slow in terms of reaching a target of completing the entire canon just shy of season four. Now that we’ve reached the end of season one,we wanted to take a minute to update you on our plan. And unlike […]


Jeopardy, Colors, And Why RDM’s Fanboy Sopranos Post Might Not Be So Bad

Like a lot of you, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about whatRon Moore’srecent blog post (“The Sopranos Ends Perfectly”) might mean in terms of BSG’s season four wrapup. Unlinke most of you, I’ve never seen a single episode of the Sopranos — I know, shame on me — so I’ve eseentially been […]


Your Calls For Podcast #50

As I mentioned at the end of Podcast #49, we’re going to do something a little special with #50. But since I was tired — and maybe a bit incoherent — I thought I’d add this post to make things a bit more clear about exactly what we’re doing. First of all, you’re going to […]


Comment Database Problem: Fixed!

I just want to let everyone know that we’re working with our hosting service right now to work out whatever the problem is with comments. Don’t worry — GWC isn’t going away! We simply have a problem with the blog software. In the meantime, I apologize for the downtime. I’ll keep you updated here, and […]


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