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GWC #303: Christmas, Part II

We’re joined again by Christmas TV Companion author Joanna Wilson, this time to discuss sci-fi Christmas specials. We listen to Bwana’s response to our honor of naming a GWC news section after him, which inspires some gaming discussion, like what it means to be a gamer and our take on the new XBL dashboard. Donnie […]


Eff This Week: Live Thursday Aug. 25th at 9:00 PM CT

Join us for the inaugural episode of our new live podcast Eff This Week tomorrow, Thursday August 25th. We kick off the show at 9:00 p.m. central time, streaming it live via UStream. We’ll interact with the audience as well, both via the UStream text chat and via Twitter. If you’re on a Flash-capable device […]


Podcast 205 Delayed

Podcast 205 will be delayed one week due to Sean’s new status as a Father (no, not Reverend, but a Daddy). Please join us in congratulating him here


Five Reasons The GWC Community Is Awesome

If any of you visiting this site have only enjoyed the podcast to date, please hear this: the podcast we do every week is far eclipsed by the beyond-awesome GWC community. Really. I’m not kidding here. So to encourage you to check out the forum and its wonderful, ne’er-a-better-group-of-people-exist crew, I’ve rounded up five reasons […]


Next Up: Will Smith Podcast Arc

What do Men in Black, Independence Day, and I, Robot have in common? …if you said 7 Degrees of Scifi goodness, step right up and get your geek card validated. Men in Black -> Tony Shalhoub -> Galaxy Quest Independence Day -> Mary McDonnell -> Battlestar Galactica I, Robot -> Alan Tudyk -> Firefly/Serenity The […]


NBC + iTunes = BFF (For Now)

According to Engadget’s live coverage of Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event today, NBC and iTunes have ended their feud and are now making with the TV again. In HD to boot. A quick check shows that as of right now there’s still no BSG in the iTunes store, so I’m guessing that we’ll see NBC’s content […]


GWC #100 — Live!

To commemorate our 100th GWC podcast, we’re going live — bringing GWC Podcast #100 to you in real time via at noon central time tomorrow, Saturday May 17th, 2008. Why? Because we feel like the GWC community is largely responsible for the podcast growing from a couple of people talking in a room to […]


Richard Hatch Says Season 4 = All 22 Episodes

It looks like WonderCon BSG coverage is starting to dribble out of San Franciso, including this bit from Great White Snark, who attended Richard Hatch’s talk today. Besides confirming that Hatch is still is normal “pervy” self — talking to his pants and again suggesting that his character should get laid — he also mentioned […]


Writer’s Strike On The Way Out: Does That Mean BSG Will Complete?

The kind folks over at TV Squad are reporting this morning that the studios and writers appear to have some to an agreement on contract terms. While the negotiators must still present the proposal to the union leaders, this might mean a short end to the current strike. More importantly, it might mean an end […]


Podcast Soon!

Just a quick note to let you know what we did indeed record a podcast for this week. It’s currently held up by an technical glitch from our hosting service Libsyn. Libsyn’s been wonderful to work with and has always been incredibly helpful in resolving any problems, so we imagine they’ll have things crankin’ again […]


Re-Watch Calendar Update: We’re Takin’ Razor Calls!

Because Razor brought in so many listener calls — which we didn’t get to at all last week — we’ve bumped the re-watch schedule back one week to allow us to take calls in this week’s ‘cast. So if you’re wondering what’s on the schedule for this week (or any other week), check out the […]


Caption Contest / Great Interview

GWC listener TighGetsPunchedALot swiped this image from Galactica.TV’s awesome interview with Gary Hutzel, visual effects supervisor on the re-imagined BSG series. The interview contains all sorts of interesting information about the process designers followed to create the new/old CGI’d cylons, but as you can see, GWC listeners had a bit more fun coming up with […]


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