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The Nature of the Eye

I’m pretty sure — based on what I saw in last week’s episode and the great discussion on the podcast post — that the Eye is indeed related to the supernova. As Gaeta says, the chances of all the participants and events (including the supernova) coinciding seem pretty astronomical. (Groan.) But while I’m convinced that […]


Reader Theory: Jumping Jupiter!

Ken writes: “In the episodeThe Passage Baltar and Number 3 talk to the hybrid and receive something like a prophecy from her concerning the Eye of Jupiter. Whether this is a place or an artifact is not really clear, but the odd thing is the name Jupiter. Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek […]


More Christmas Break Guests

We’ve signed on two more guests for the Christmas break: For the December 29th ‘cast, we’ll be joined by science fiction author Tony Daniel. Technically Tony’s already a GWC veteran as he sat in with us for Podcast #8, but this time he’ll be a featured guest here to talk aboutthe social implications of“downloading”— a […]


Happy Thanksgiving from Chuck, Audra, and Sean

In between eating Turkey, watching BSG DVDs, and generally laying about today, Audra, Sean, and I would like to offer our thanks to those of you who’ve made GWC so much fun. Your comments, ideas, and inspiration keeps us excited about making the ‘cast (and posting to the blog) every week. We’re all having a […]


Why I Think Sean is a Cylon

Has anyone else noticed that the humans in BSG, as well as your friends here at Galactica Watercooler, have always referred to the Cylons asa plural – that is, CylonS with an S? In the Season 3 premiere episode, for the first time, we hear them referred to as “the Cylon,” plural. You know, like […]


Season 2.5 DVDs / New Podcast Shortly

I just got back a bit ago from picking up my copy of the season 2.5 DVDs that released today. It appears that they’ve included lots of extras, which I can’t wait to check out. On a sort of “housekeeping” note, we recorded a great podcast today that’ll post shortly. It’s a bit more, well, […]


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