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DIY Mixtape: GWC Playlist #1

After spending so much time enjoying his recommendations in the awesome forum thread “the daily song you should listen too” — Yes, I realize the error. Loosen up! It’s part of the fun. — I’ve come to truly respect long-time GWCer Pike’s take on music. In short, he doesn’t steal music, but he doesn’t pay […]


The Twelve Days of BSG

On the Twelfth Day of BSG my true love gave to me: Twelve Raiders Raiding Eleven Vipers Viping Ten Larrys Leaping Nine Gaetas Prancing Eight Naked Sharons Seven Spines a’Glowing Six Sixes Laying Five Tubs of Goo! Four Battling Birds Three Hybrids Two Pyramid Balls And the Towel that was Draped Around Lee!


GWC GWC Re-Watch: Wargames

I know some of you will argue that this isn’t sci-fi. But you’re dead wrong. As Sean once argued (quite intelligently, effectively, and undeniably) to me, any movie that includes an intelligent computer is, well, totally sci-fi. And besides that, it’s an incredibly seminal flick. I earned most of my adult living based on the […]


GWC Geek Card

Yes my GWC friends the time is here. You can now certify that you are in fact – a Sci-Fi geek. Amaze your friends with your ninja-like geek knowledge, save whales (specifically to avoid crazy alien probes that might show up and not leave before they speak to them) or generally prove without a shadow […]


Viewers Approve Of Baltar’s Presidency?

Maybe it’s the fact that during the week Roslin tried to steal the election her approval ratings dropped to an all-time low of 18% — lower than President Bush! — or maybe it’s his wingwomen, but the results of last week’s Presidential approval poll (co-inciding with Lay Down Your Burdens, Part Two) are somewhat startlining. […]


Dragon*Con, Bamber Bunnies, And Bachelorette Parties

Note: You’ve probably heard a lot of discussion about some of the things Jamie Bamber and Aaron Douglas said during Dragon*Con recently. Well this post isn’t about those things. It’s about some of the other awesome things that happened at D*C— as experienced by longtime GWC community member Raemani. I’ll let her take it from […]


Pay No Attention to the Face Behind the Avatar…

Galactica Watercooler listeners have a new presence on Facebook, thanks to our pal Steve Lunny up in NYC! If you get a chance, come by and say hello – everyone is welcome! It’s also a great way to contact other GWC-ers and even see the faces behind the names (unless you’re like me and just […]


Back in the Day…

Since we at GWC have taken the opportunities recently to pine over our favorite stuff from back-then, from action figures to TV shows, we’d like to hear your own stories about how you got acquainted with BSG. In Podcast #47, Chuck remembered running around a gymnasium as a little kid with a toy Cylon raider. […]


Any CSS Gurus Out There?

Please excuse this somewhat-non-BSG-content, but… I’m really frustrated that GWC doesn’t work well on Macs — or IE7 now — and it’s largely because we haven’t had a chance to update it since launch. I love the layout, but I really wish we could support Safari/FF(Mac)/IE7/IE6/FF(PC) — which seem to make up the vast majority […]


Reader Theory: Would I Lie to You?

Karl wrote: I haven’t started the re-watch and to be truthful have not done any re-watches yet. Saying that, I can not think of a single time one of the Cylons intentionally lied to a human. That’s not to say they have not misled anyone, but I can not remember any actual untruth in the […]


BSG Government: Options Beyond Democracy and Monarchy

In the last podcast we lamented the sorry state of the civilian fleet in BSG — the fact that every time we hear about them they’re involved in some kind of mob-like behavior like rioting, selling each other’s children, or electing Baltar president. Like Kay said in MIB, “A person is smart. People are dumb, […]


Merry Christmas from GWC

Wow. When we first sat around before season three and said, “Wouldn’t it be cool to do a podcast about the story and characters to compliment all the great ‘casts out there about news” I never imagined that it would become what GWC is today. But we’re just a small part of GWC. The real […]


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