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GWC #332: Toys, Part 3 (Table-Top Gaming)

We give love to the table-top games we grew up with and appreciate their role in a world before widespread video games. Audra talks about early digging on Trivial Pursuit, her meticulous Mouse Trap setup, and getting stuck being the thimble in Monopoly. Chuck and Sean take a serious look at competition, conflict, and friendship […]


GWC #248: Narnia, Part III

We wrap up our Narnia arc with a preview and analysis of Dawn Treader just in time for the new movie release. Mythopeic Society member and Narnia fan Randy Hoyt joins us to delve into symbology and themes in Dawn Treader. And we run down the week in geek, including a keystone cops XBox modder […]


I’m Excited About This Plan

I was leafing through the latest gossip and rags at lunch and came across some good news – Harold Ramis is working on Ghost Busters 3. It’s hard to believe that after close to twenty years since we’ve seen the last installment that we would get another chance to visit the very odd and supernatural […]


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