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SDCC 2012: Stan Lee’s World of Heroes Panel

As they announced at the panel this year, Stan Lee’s new YouTube Channel, World of Heroes, will feature eight new shows. The panel included Stan Lee (the man is hilarious!), Mark Hamill (he did the Joker voice!), Peter David (The Hulk), Jace Hall (executive producer on the recent ABC remake of V), Adrianne Curry (America’s Next Top Model […]


Drawing The Venture Bros: Brock!

True to his promise, Venture Brothers artist Sephen DeStefano delivered part two of his “How To Draw The Venture Brothers” today — and it’s everything we’d hoped it would be. Even if you’re not an artist and have no interest whatsoever in drawing the ‘Bros, this is worth a look. Why? Because DeStefano gives us […]


Sillof’s Custom Figurines

Though Sillof’s website is short on details about himself, he includes some great pictures of his custom figurines, including a full set of Venture Brothers. My favorite: the Monarch, of course. He’s prolific, too, creating figures from Justice League, Dune, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Daredevil, and lots, lots more. Don’t miss his “re-visioned” Star Wars […]


Draw The Venture Bros. — With Expert Help

Venture Brothers season three storyboard and design supervisor Stephen Destefano created an art bible prior to beginning work on the series, and he kindly shared the first four pages on his blog yesterday. It’s exactly as fun and crazy as you’d expect from someone warped enough to bring us the genius that is Dr. Venture. […]


The R2DToque

As a guy who’s spent his share of time in the shop, I can attest that a toque is a total necessity when it’s cold. The only thing better, of course, is a cunning hat, which (in addition to announcing your allegiance to Browncoats everywhere) keeps your ears warmer than a toque. But as toques […]


X-Wings On Ice

Gizmodo turned up this fanboy-rockin’ X-Wing sled today. It was part of Minneapolis’ annual Art Sled rally, and (as you can see) it didn’t fare well. Apparently its driver was just as inexperienced with the force lift as Luke and my pathetic new Mass Effect character. X-Wing Sled Is Porkin’s Transport Of Choice In Tahoe […]


DIY Mixtape: GWC Playlist #1

After spending so much time enjoying his recommendations in the awesome forum thread “the daily song you should listen too” — Yes, I realize the error. Loosen up! It’s part of the fun. — I’ve come to truly respect long-time GWCer Pike’s take on music. In short, he doesn’t steal music, but he doesn’t pay […]


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