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Halo On The 154 Inch “Screen”

I don’t have a big ass projection system at home. I do have some good sized TV’s here and there but my siblings and I are getting older now and our eyesight doesn’t work out as well as it did when we were all eighteen. To combat this minor factor we strung my 360 up […]


Assassination I Can Get Behind

It’s a great thing when the virtual world lines up with our own real life personalities. Playing through on Fable II the second time (slightly less angelic than my last run) my character was recruited by the Assassination Society. One of the first contracts was my favorite. This fine pic is a death warrant. The […]


Master Chief Rides Again

What you’re seeing here is the result of Chuck spending about 10 minutes getting on top the pinwheel with a Mongoose on the Last Resort map in Halo 3. We celebrated my brother’s birthday recently, and — not to give away too many wild secrets in the life of geeks — there was pizza and […]


Fable II: Life After Lucien

Fable II, after the fateful day in the spire and the defeat of Lucien, is quite entertaining. I really didn’t think it was going to be. After all what can one actually accomplish after saving the world and defeating the most evil man in the land? As it turns out there’s some badass left to […]


Fable II: The Story You Won’t Hear

My quest to vanquish the storyline in Fable II was achieved last night. Lionheart (my character) was proclaimed “Hero” throughout the land and the forces of evil were turned back from the path of ultimate doom. Yes, it is quite a tale but that’s not the story I wish to tell you. As you can […]


Tron 2: 3D Boogaloo

The rumor’s been floating around that Tron 2 is in the works for some time, but now a 2011 release date is showing up in Disney docs. Scifi Scanner reports that the sequel will consist entirely of 3D work, and io9 chimes in with a director: Joseph Kosinski, whom IMDB lists as directing a 2010 […]


BSG/DS9 Writers Developing Story For Aliens Game

Fans will be happy to hear that BSG/DS9 writers David Weddle and Bradley Thompson are preparing the story behind the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game now scheduled for release late this year. The Weddle/Thompson team’s Galactica credits include “Rapture,” “Maelstrom”, the incredible “Exodus: Part 1” and “Exodus: Part 2,” plus the pre-season-three “Resistance” webisodes. They […]


Lasers And Strategy? I’m In.

As far as I’m concerned, any board game that comes with “Warning: Contains Class II Lasers” on the box is worth a try. Our friend Phillip Torrone over at Make is still posting great coverage of the NYC Toy Fair, including this sweet find: Khet — Strategy At The Speed of Light. The game’s site […]


Halo Meetup Tonight

If you’re a Halo 3 player looking for some multi-player action, come join other GWCers tonight for a frakkin’ frag fest on XBox Live. It’s an informal meetup, so you don’t need to dress up — or make any special plans. Just look for any of your GWC friends and invite them into your game […]


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