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Reader Theory: Tyrol for President?

Cavatar writes: “The Chief has, even if he does not know it, found himself in a position of great opportunity.He is now the Union leader for EVERY working human left alive. He is also a part of the working military… Now I don’t know how long Roslin’s term is. If we assume that they use […]


Adama in “Dirty Hands”

Yesterday and today I’ve exchanged some really informative email with some listeners, and it seems to me that I didn’t do a very good job of explaining why I was disappointed with Adama this week. I hope you’ll forgive me — I’ve had some other things on my mind, and you can probably hear that […]


The Nature of the Eye

I’m pretty sure — based on what I saw in last week’s episode and the great discussion on the podcast post — that the Eye is indeed related to the supernova. As Gaeta says, the chances of all the participants and events (including the supernova) coinciding seem pretty astronomical. (Groan.) But while I’m convinced that […]


“You Chose Wisely…”

When the Hybrid refers to “the Chosen One” to Baltar and D’Anna, I think each thought the Hybrid was referring to him/herself. And it did appear the Hybrid was looking directly at them, or perhaps directly at Baltar. However, I think the Chief is the Chosen One. Didn’t the Hybrid also mention something about the […]


The Best Chiefless Episode?

Dante once described Smokey and the Bandit III as “the best Burt-less movie ever made.” Might we describe A Measure of Salvation as the best “Chief-less” BSG episode? Kidding aside — where’s Aaron Mr. Douglas? I know he doesn’t need to appear in every episode (and I realize that he did show up briefly in […]


Will the Phoenix rise again?

In the episode “Flight of the Phoenix” Chief Tyrol gets the creative itch to build a ship. I consider it to be one of the best episodes of the entire canon. There are a bunch more action packed and a few more sexy episodes, but this one of the character building stories for the Chief. […]


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