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Reader Theory: Lampkin’s Accent

Kevin writes: I think that Lampkin is Baltar’s brother or in some way connected to his past. My main reason for this is the fact that in the “Dirty Hands” episode when Baltar was talking about his secret past as a farmer’s son on Arelon, he started speaking with a different accent, and even a […]


Character “Deaths” in BSG

As we all ponder the possibility of a character dying during the remainder of season 3.5, I can’t help but think about how, well, different, BSG is from so many other shows. Whereas you could rest safe that the main characters in most TV shows wouldn’t die because the actors themselves were critical to the […]


Baltar’s Trial: Evidence for and Against

It appears that Bill’s great call in Podcast #28 regarding the weakness of evidence against Baltar got us all thinking about how this “trial’s” going to actually work out. On the suggestion of listener (and reader and commenter) Moe, I’m creating this thread so we can all share our ideas about the trial in one […]


In The Footsteps of Baltar

During the 4-week break I find my thoughts about Galactica wandering back to Baltar. We’ve seen that the Cylon are more than willing to return him to the fleet to gain a tactical advantage over the humans regarding the E.O.J., but is this just another way to get rid of him? Have the Cylon figured […]


Reader Theory: Jumping Jupiter!

Ken writes: “In the episodeThe Passage Baltar and Number 3 talk to the hybrid and receive something like a prophecy from her concerning the Eye of Jupiter. Whether this is a place or an artifact is not really clear, but the odd thing is the name Jupiter. Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek […]


Reader Theory: A Cylon Device in Baltar’s Nervous System?

Arktis says: “Baltar has a Cylon device somewhere in his nervous system instead of his brain. This is why it didn’t show on his brain scan, why it doesn’t appear to have direct control, and why it has to spend a lot of time convincing him of things. Think of it as being similar to […]


Baltar’s Six/Six’s Baltar

We just finished our marathon run through the whole Galactica canon — just in time for tonight’s premiere! — and this time around I was really struck by the appearance of Baltar in “Caprica Six’s” head. I suppose the first time around I was so overwhelmed by the humanity’s surrender that I missed some really […]


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