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GWC Fantasy Sci-fi Interlude: Solid Edition

I’ve been in a GWC fantasy football league for the past two seasons. Fantasy football is a fun way to spend time with the GWC community as well as learn more about players, teams, and football in general than you’ll ever want to learn. The GWC Fantasy Sci-fi League is like that except better. You […]


GWC #231: Futurama, Stargate Time Travel, FSL 2.0 Wrap Up

This week: We wrap up our Futurama arc with death by snoo-snoo in Amazon Women In The Mood. We wind down our Stargate time travel arc with O’Neill and Teal’c’s personal groundhog day in Window of Opportunity. We close out Fantasy Sci-Fi League 2.0: Black Ops with a death match for the ages. And we […]


GWC #228: Stargate Time Travel (2010), FSL 2.0 Round 4

This week: We travel backwards in time with a piece of paper in the Stargate SG-1 episode 2010. We save a fast food giant in Fantasy Sci-Fi League 2.0 round four. And we run down the week in geek, including the world’s first soon-to-be-deployed real Cylon raider, Pixar’s new work on Tron Legacy re-shoots and […]


GWC #227: Fifth Element, Futurama, FSL 2.0 Round 3

This week: We watch and discuss a Fifth Element, a perfect example of balancing camp and sci-fi. We continue our Futurama arc with Anthology of Interest 2. We bring forth another challenger — and another new challenge — in Fantasy Sci-Fi League 2.0: Black Ops Edition round 3. And we run down the week in […]


GWC #226: Galaxy Quest, SG-1 Mobius, FSL 2.0 Round 2

This week: We leap into a short but sweet self-deprecating sci-fi arc with a viewing of Galaxy Quest. We return to our Stargate time travel arc, joining SG-1 for a full-circle jaunt to the past in Mobius. We tackle a new challenge in the Fantasy Sci-Fi League 2.0 round two. And we run down the […]


GWC #225: Futurama Returns, Maurice LaMarche, FSL 2.0 Round 1

This week: Special guest and voice acting legend Maurice LaMarche (Kif, Morbo, Hedonism Bot, and many more) helps us welcome Futurama back to TV. We take on a worthy challenger in fantasy sci-fi league round one. And we run down the week in geek, including Jason Momoa’s role as the new Conan, Peter Jackson’s rumored […]


GWC #224: Sneakers, Stargate Time Travel, 1969, FSL 2.0 Team Selection

This week: We wrap up our heist arc with a look at one of our all-time favorite movies — Sneakers. We kick off an analysis of time travel in the Stargate franchise with the SG-1 episode 1969. We choose our Fantasy Sci-Fi League 2.0 team. And we run down the week in geek!


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