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Firefly Writer Announces Involvement with Slingers

It’s been over a year since we’ve seen any significant developments regarding Slingers, the Firefly-meets-Ocean’s Eleven television show from UK writer Mike Sizemore. The last anyone heard, Slingers was in a developmental holding pattern, existing only as a “sizzle reel.” But now it seems that the show might be moving forward sooner than anyone realized. Jose […]


Snowblowers, Wine Coolers and William Shatner

When we say we are the friendliest frakin’ people in scifi we mean it. We are a community of people who respect each other, share with each other and have fun with each other. We are clever, we are occasionally insightful and almost always hi-larious. One perfect example of our friendly hivemind leaping into action […]


A Fond Caprica “Final Five” Farwell

In the past two minutes I turned off the final episode of Caprica, hit save on the DVR and turned on my laptop. Almost three weeks after SyFy aired the final five Caprica episodes I was able to complete the January 4th, 2011 marathon. Somehow I had managed to stay Caprica spoiler-free until today and […]


Why Caprica was no Haven (To Me) – Reflections A Week Removed From Cancellation

Confession #1: I watched Caprica out of loyalty to Battlestar Galactica. BSG brought me back to the scifi genre. Somewhere between leaving college and rebuilding my life after my divorce I stopped watching science fiction. Somewhere between the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager television shows simultaneously airing I decided to focus […]


GWC #221: Heist Movies, Ocean’s 13, Firefly, Serenity

This week: We talk relationships and why it’s great to have friends in Ocean’s 13. We ask whether that’s right in Objects in Space and wrap up our Firefly arc with some discussion of Serenity. And we run down the week in geek, including more details of the upcoming movie Splice, speculation on whether or […]


GWC #219: Heist Movies, Ocean’s 11, Firefly

This week: We jump into our heist arc, spending some time with Ocean’s 11. And we’re in (IYKWIM) with Firefly’s Message and Heart of Gold. Also, we run down the week in geek, including the new Spartacus prequel, an update on our anti-Ebert rant from a few weeks ago, a 3D Playboy spread, and new […]


GWC #217: Iron Man, Firefly

This week: We talk Iron Man in preparation for next week’s Iron Man 2 premiere joined by Ultimate Guide to Iron Man author Matthew Manning. We dive into two new Firefly episodes, War Stories and Trash. And we run down the week in geek including Stephen Hawking’s anti-alien sentiment, lots of nasty Iron Man 2 […]


GWC #215: Conan the Barbarian, Firefly

This week: It’s Conan time! Audra talks Ewok orgies. And we get down and deep on two more Firefly episodes: Out of Gas and Ariel. We also run down the week in geek, including KITT’s Kwik Fit commercial debut, Felicia Day’s Wolf Hunter gig, Twilight’s eclipse of Potter in the most-banned-book battles, and Shrek’s last-minute […]


GWC #213: Star Trek, Firefly, Jean-Luc Picard

This week: Commander Shelby brings the yuppie douchiness in Best of Both Worlds Part 1 & 2. Mal talks rusty plows in a very *special* Firefly episode. We take listener calls. And we run down the week in geek including possible new sequel(s) for Independence Day, awesome new downloadable content in Dragon Age: Awakening, potential […]


GWC #211: Firefly, International Meetup Live Show

This week we record GWC with a live audience of the friendliest people in sci-fi at the 2010 GWC International Meetup in Frisco, TX! Besides continuing our Firefly arc, discussing Shindig and Safe (with some serious Firefly fans), we also run down the week in geek including new Lucasfilm action figures, updated Conan casting decisions, […]


GWC #210: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This week we wrap up our Indy Jones arc with a discussion of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We also run down the week in geek, including the new Iron Man trailer, the new Tron Legacy trailer, the new Eclipse trailer, Corey Haim’s sad passing, and Andy Whitfield’s cancer diagnosis. We look forward to seeing […]


GWC #208: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

This week: We talk Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Audra and Chuck learn to use a whip and chat with David and Will Morgan, the folks that made the original whips for Dr. Jones. We find out from listeners who’s best in the sack, Indy or Sr. And we run down the week […]


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