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Mohinder Gets The Axe As Narrator?

Whether you love or hate the voice of Sendhil Ramamurthy — the actor who plays Mohinder and laid down the introductory voice-over throughout the first two season of Heroes — you may hear a new voice in season three: that of “an Australian Aboriginal actor in his fifties.” BuddyTV reported last week that series creator […]


Heroes’ Tim Kring/Novelist Dale Peck Auction Alternate History Trilogy for $3 Million

Crown, a unit of Random House, paid a reported $3 million up front for a forthcoming “alternate history trilogy” to be authored by Heroes creator Tim Kring and writing partner Dale Peck. The New York Observer reports that an “industry source” told them “the book is set in America and runs from the 1960s to […]


Gary Gygax Passes On

As reported by the Associated Press (and all ’round the ‘net), Gary Gygax passed on this morning. He was 69, and is survived by a large family. This is where most writers would insert either a humorous bit of RPG-speak or relate their own D&D-playing-teenager experience, I’ll just state the obvious: Gygax indirectly affected my […]


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