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Half-Blood Prince Shatters Box Office Record

Good news, GWC Harry Potter fans! Earning an astonishing $22.2 million dollars last night alone, the sixth installment of the hugely popular ‘Potter series obliterated the record for a midnight showing, eclipsing previous record holder The Dark Knight by a whopping $4 million. Dark Knight nabbed the record last summer with a midnight release gross […]


Beyond The Language Barrier In Fantastic Literature

In 1940 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, three writers — Jorge Luis Borges, Silvina Ocampo, and Adolfo Bioy Casares — published an anthology of fantastic fiction, Antología de la Literatura Fantástica, much of it what today would be considered literary fantasy, and much of it translated to Spanish from other languages, mainly English. When the same […]


GWC #174: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Interview Kristina Horner

This week we watch Goblet of Fire and finish up our pre-Half-Blood Prince ‘Potter discussion. Highlights: we dive more into the various houses and their meanings, discover Chuck’s final sorting result, hear from Kristina Horner and listen to the music of The Parselmouths, note all the awesome new GWCer-generated content on the GWC Community Blog, […]


8 Foreign Genre Films Worth A Look

Hollywood may turn out most of the big screen’s sci-fi/fantasy/horror films, but it isn’t exactly an exclusive relationship.  In fact, many of the most unique (and occasionally offbeat) of these genre’s films come out of other nations’ studio systems.  Unfortunately, due to the relationships between theater chains and major studios, a large percentage of these worthwhile flicks […]


GWC #173: Harry Potter, Interview with Stephanie Anderson Tonks and the Aurors

This week we jump into the Harry Potter ‘verse with both feet! Highlights: we relate our getting to know ‘Potter stories, draw inspiration from Harry’s rise from a humble childhood, talk values and concepts of leadership, enjoy experiencing the awesomely tight Harry Potter fandom, wrock out to wizard rocker Stephanie Anderson’s Tonks and the Aurors, […]


Vampires: Beyond I Vant Tu Suck Your Blaud

I think Vampires and Vampire stories suffer from a bit of an image problem. Yeah I know, that sounds funny, but it’s true. I often hear people say Vampires are disgusting or that the stories are limited in their scope because all vamp tales are the same. In my most humble of opinions these are […]


Legend Of The Seeker

Generally we don’t cover a ton of fantasy on the cast but I’m a huge fan of anything with magic, swords or dragons in it. Legend of the Seeker has all three. As well as hot, Florentine fighting guardians, wise-cracking wizards and a sword that’s thousands of years old. My favorite character is the afore […]


Assassination I Can Get Behind

It’s a great thing when the virtual world lines up with our own real life personalities. Playing through on Fable II the second time (slightly less angelic than my last run) my character was recruited by the Assassination Society. One of the first contracts was my favorite. This fine pic is a death warrant. The […]


Will You Watch The Watchmen?

Today asks, “Will anyone watch the ‘Watchmen’?” Answer: Not-so-friendly partners Warner Bros. and Fox hope so. They’ve got a $100M+ bill to pay, and they’re betting your bladder will hold out for 160 minutes. But while I can’t imagine everyone wanting to run out and buy their kids Veidt or Rorschach action figures — […]


Fable II: Life After Lucien

Fable II, after the fateful day in the spire and the defeat of Lucien, is quite entertaining. I really didn’t think it was going to be. After all what can one actually accomplish after saving the world and defeating the most evil man in the land? As it turns out there’s some badass left to […]


Fable II: The Story You Won’t Hear

My quest to vanquish the storyline in Fable II was achieved last night. Lionheart (my character) was proclaimed “Hero” throughout the land and the forces of evil were turned back from the path of ultimate doom. Yes, it is quite a tale but that’s not the story I wish to tell you. As you can […]


GWC GWC Podcast #131

We’re watchin’ X-Men 2 (Electric Boogaloo) this week! Highlights: we talk free-will vs. suffering, question Xavier’s motives in building cerebro, address some Wolverine morality and Professor X-isn’t-a-dick carry-overs from last week, hate on Stryker, love on Iceman, enjoy our momentary hope for a “fastball special” when Colossus and Wolverine meet in the hall in X2, […]


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