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More Fable II Expansion

I thought I could resist — I really tried, honestly, but Fable II was calling me. Even after the engrossing social aspects of Eve, I still felt the need to download the new “See the Future” expansion pack for Fable II. It’s a sickness really, a wonderfully crafted sickness. If you’ve played the game at […]


Assassination I Can Get Behind

It’s a great thing when the virtual world lines up with our own real life personalities. Playing through on Fable II the second time (slightly less angelic than my last run) my character was recruited by the Assassination Society. One of the first contracts was my favorite. This fine pic is a death warrant. The […]


Fable II: Life After Lucien

Fable II, after the fateful day in the spire and the defeat of Lucien, is quite entertaining. I really didn’t think it was going to be. After all what can one actually accomplish after saving the world and defeating the most evil man in the land? As it turns out there’s some badass left to […]


Fable II: The Story You Won’t Hear

My quest to vanquish the storyline in Fable II was achieved last night. Lionheart (my character) was proclaimed “Hero” throughout the land and the forces of evil were turned back from the path of ultimate doom. Yes, it is quite a tale but that’s not the story I wish to tell you. As you can […]


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