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GWC #334: “B” Movie Arc, Part 1: Trancers

We kick off our “B” Movie arc with the hilariously cheesy, sometimes campy, and all-around fun 1985 sci-fi action flick Trancers. We revel in laughter over the movie’s halfhearted future-car, zombie cross-dressing stunt doubles, the gunning-down of a possessed mall Santa, the young Helen Hunt’s portrayal of a woman unfazed when her boyfriend’s body is […]


Save Eureka #47: Colin Ferguson Interview

Colin Ferguson joins us for an upbeat and thought-provoking discussion about Life, Eureka, and Everything. We enjoy discussion of Ferguson’s days as a standup comic and improv artist, the importance of listening skills and supporting fellow players, and confirmation that one can, indeed, make it as an actor while still being a Nice Guy. We […]


Save Eureka #46: S05E13 Just Another Day

It’s the Eureka finale! We discuss the final episode, looking at the in-jokes, cameos, and storyline conclusions, as well as our feelings on the series as a whole.


Save Eureka #44: S05E11 Mirror, Mirror

We attempt to analyze Henry’s complex motives for turning himself in; note that for a fundamentally decent guy, Henry tends toward single-minded, emotional reactions; and compare his puzzling behavior to Socrates’ insistence on accepting the death sentence handed him by a democratic jury in Athens. Juan offers some important observations based on his re-watch of […]


Save Eureka #42: S05E09 Smarter Carter

We explore some heady questions, like what qualities make a person valuable in Eureka, whether intelligence is really inversely proportionate to “heart,” and why the town as a whole should develop a broader appreciation of human traits (instead of just the “genius gene”). We appreciate the humor (as always), riffing on Deputy Andy and S.A.R.A.H. […]


Save Eureka #39: S05E06 Worst Case Scenario

We enjoy the expression of Zane and Fargo’s new (awesome) relationship. We talk through Jo’s insecurity as a root cause of her unpredictable behavior — and speculate on her hairstyle as a subtle indicator of mood. We wonder about Holly and question whether or not she’s really there. We ponder what Holly’s situation makes us […]


Save Eureka #38: S05E05 Jack of All Trades

It’s classic bodyswap action this week on Eureka, and we get a kick out of watching the show’s awesome actors take turns playing… each other. We dish on Jo’s fickleness and its effect on Zane. We wonder what will come of Grace and recall all the various hell she’s suffered through over the last few […]


Save Eureka #37: S05E04 Friendly Fire

In what would normally be considered a “filler” episode, Eureka shows us why that moniker isn’t worthy: Friendly Fire takes a short break from major story arc to explore what the show’s recent changes mean to the characters, imbuing them with a depth and complexity we’ve come to expect. Also: Wil Wheaton finally gets the […]


Save Eureka #36: S05E03 Force Quit

We learn to understand and come to grips with last week’s shocking happenings though this week’s offering, diving into what it means for each of the characters and how it’ll affect the remainder of Eureka’s final season.


Save Eureka #35: S05E02 The Real Thing

Wow. No spoilers in the description, but the shockers continue in this final season of Eureka. We discuss this week’s, um, big change. We talk about what “dark” means in Eureka vs. other SyFy series, like BSG. And we express our eternal love for Felicia Day. We’re gonna go watch some Flog now. Or The […]


Save Eureka #34: S05E01 Lost

Eureka is back, and we get to finally dive into the fifth and final season. We discuss the epic plot twists Eureka’s creators take us through, explore the love lives of almost every Eureka character, and speculate on what’s to come.


Save Eureka #33: Season 2 Wrap-Up

In preparation for Eureka’s return to broadcast with new episodes next week, we’re discussing the remaining three episodes of season two this week: Maneater, All That Glitters (Part 1), and A Night At Global Dynamics (Part 2).


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