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GWC #361: The Dominion War

In this episode, Sean is out sick, so Chuck and Audra take the time to wax philosophical about their recent rewatch of the “Dominion War” episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


SDCC 2012: Stan Lee’s World of Heroes Panel

As they announced at the panel this year, Stan Lee’s new YouTube Channel, World of Heroes, will feature eight new shows. The panel included Stan Lee (the man is hilarious!), Mark Hamill (he did the Joker voice!), Peter David (The Hulk), Jace Hall (executive producer on the recent ABC remake of V), Adrianne Curry (America’s Next Top Model […]


Save Eureka #33: Season 2 Wrap-Up

In preparation for Eureka’s return to broadcast with new episodes next week, we’re discussing the remaining three episodes of season two this week: Maneater, All That Glitters (Part 1), and A Night At Global Dynamics (Part 2).


FitSmart #2: The Gym

We tackle the myths and realities of the gym, including concerns like whether or not gyms are just for fit people (or heavy lifters, or any specific type of person), the advantages and disadvantages of building a home gym, and whether or not one needs to “fit in” with others at the gym. We also […]


Save Eureka #20: Once in a Lifetime

We dig into the season one finale with some serious discussion of the social effects of time travel: when one travels back to fix something, when is it fixed? What is fixed in this context? We compare this episodes events and outcomes to other time travel fiction, like Butterfly Effect, Primer, DS9, and (of course) […]


GWC #300: Live Callers, FSL Special, Dr. Wichelns

This week’s special 300th episode of Galactic Watercooler was recorded live in front of a (remote) studio audience. We take a number of live callers. We bring you a special version of Fantasy Sci-Fi League in which our audience-selected team of heroes saves the holiday. We bring back the Reverend Dr. Wichelns (one of GWC’s […]


Eff This Week #10: Dr. Casilda

Kidding aside, congrats to Casilda who successfully defended her dissertation the day we Effed — and joined us to celebrate. Your Eff This Week hosts this week: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. Highlights: We talked diabeetus. And we blasted out top ten lists based on chat room suggestions, including our ten favorite SG-1 episodes, top ten […]


Save Eureka #14: Blink

Sheriff Carter takes a step backward relationship-wise in this “out of time” episode. Besides having a little fun with Fargo’s big appetite, we take this opportunity to discuss the production process and what can lead to episodes airing in a different order than originally written. Also, we’re joined by in-studio guest Shooter.


A Thunderous Return

When it comes to anime, I am more of a mech-style anime viewer. My favorite series is Robotech, followed closely by Starblazers, Voltron, and Transformers. Truth be told,  I was not really a fan of the original Thundercats cartoon that aired in the 1980s — but the newly animated 2011 version of the Thundercats is […]


Eff This Week #5: Tim Horton’s Isn’t Dunkin Donuts

We keep on keepin’ on after a hella long week. This week’s Eff This Week crew: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. Highlights: We share our favorite coffee stories. Uubergeek posts the best Olivia Wilde pic ever. We learn that Chuck’s legs are blindingly white. And we compare favorite Markie Post roles and House episodes. Yeah


Firefly Writer Announces Involvement with Slingers

It’s been over a year since we’ve seen any significant developments regarding Slingers, the Firefly-meets-Ocean’s Eleven television show from UK writer Mike Sizemore. The last anyone heard, Slingers was in a developmental holding pattern, existing only as a “sizzle reel.” But now it seems that the show might be moving forward sooner than anyone realized. Jose […]


Save Eureka #3: Clash of the Titans

We talk relationships in this week’s awesome Eureka episode Clash of the Titans. We take listener calls. And we dig into some fun discussions: the affect of limitations on creativity, what might’ve happened to Taggert in Eureka‘s new timeline, and how the monetization of TV might change to accommodate shows supported by a large audience […]


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