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Aaron Douglas In Day The Earth Stood Still Remake

Numerous blogs are reporting that every GWCers favorite Viper-head Aaron Douglas has joined the cast of the upcoming remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still. Keeanu Reeves will play the unlucky Klaatu, with Jennifer Connelly taking on the role of Helen. IMDB cites a rumor that John Cleese will play the pivotal Dr. Barnhardt, […]


RDM/Eick Weigh In On The Law In BSG

In a fun reversal of the GWC method of asking lawyers to comment on BSG, law blog Concurring Opinions recently interviewed Ron Moore and David Eick asking them to comment on how they see law and politics in BSG. The interview is definitely worth checking out (link below), but what’s really fun is to plug […]


BSG Resumes Filming March 24th?

The Vancouver rumor mill says Battlestar Galactica may begin shooting March 24th, says local radio station News 1130. Obviously Canadian crew are ready to put the strike behind them and resume work. This rumor bodes well for both a complete fourth season and a possible pre-2009 series conclusion. (Thanks, miss_curse_10, for the great CC-licensed photo.) […]


BSG/DS9 Writers Developing Story For Aliens Game

Fans will be happy to hear that BSG/DS9 writers David Weddle and Bradley Thompson are preparing the story behind the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game now scheduled for release late this year. The Weddle/Thompson team’s Galactica credits include “Rapture,” “Maelstrom”, the incredible “Exodus: Part 1” and “Exodus: Part 2,” plus the pre-season-three “Resistance” webisodes. They […]


Get Lost An Hour Later In April

ABC announced today that lost will return with new episodes starting April 24th, but in the 10 p.m. time slot instead of the old 9 p.m. At least all of you Lost geeks out there — I’m still in training — will get a five episode fix. Heroes fans will continue to wait for a […]


Someone Please Give Kev A Shot At Dig Dug

When I saw io9’s post revealing the first concept art from upcoming monster flick The Borrowers, it totally reminded me of a bit I read on Kevin Smith’s awesomely-intimate My Boring-Ass Life blog some time back (and more recently in the My Boring-Ass Life book, in print form). In a Q&A at one point, someone […]


No BSG Until April?

If you haven’t read this LA Times Blog shocker yet, take a look. Just as we suspected, “2008” doesn’t necessarily mean January. Apparently it means “April.” From the Times Blog: “Ronald D. Moore, the executive producer who runs “Battlestar Galactica,” is gearing up for the long goodbye by taking on a new task. He will […]


Honey, It’s Optimus Prime On The Phone — For You!

I’m normally not a fan of marketing schemes like this — but this one is easily the coolest thing I’ve run across in many days. Once I heard, “Chuck, this is Optimus Prime…” I didn’t give a damn what they do with my information. I’ve already bought the DVD anyway. It’s just totally worth it. […]


Transformers DVD/HD-DVD On Shelves Today!

As you’ve probably heard, we’re big fan’s of Michael Bay’s live-action Transformers movie. We’ve seen it a few times in the theaters, but tonight we get to check it out in the comfort of the GWC lair, firing up the theater (and subwoofer) for some ground-pounding robot-saving-the-world action. That’s right: the movie hits shelves for […]


BSG Finale Delayed Until ’09?

In case you didn’t catch this in comments on this holiday weekend’s other BSG bad news post, here’s the latest rumor: Sci-Fi might sit on the final ten episodes of season four until February of 2009. The rumor, originally posted on AICN, originated at DragonCon where an attendee says Aaron Douglas and Jamie Bamber dropped […]


No More BSG On iTunes?

According to a New York Times article today, NBC Universal will not renew its iTunes contract with Apple, meaning that unless things change between now and then, Battlestar Galactica will disappear from iTunes as of January 1, 2008. As the ‘Times says, “The decision by NBC Universal highlights the escalating tension between Apple and media […]


Razor Sneak Peek During Tonight’s Eureka

A number of OGs contacted us today to remind everyone about the Razor trailer airing during tonight’s Eureka season premiere on Sci-Fi. The episode airs at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. central), and if you’re one of the few who haven’t already snaked a look at the Razor preview via YouTube or others, you’ll definitely want […]


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