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It’s An Honor To Be Nominated… And It’s About Time

Wassup all — it’s the Operator! It’s award season! That special time of year when LA folks start name-dropping and talking incessantly about who’s who of the what’s what in movies (okay, that’s year round). ANYway, the Producers Guild of America has chosen their nominees for Best Picture. Usually, this list includes one, maybe two […]


Slingers: Trailer Proves Heists Are So Much More Fun In Zero-G

SLINGERS from Mike Sizemore on Vimeo. It’s got circa-1960s style and spaceships. It’s got con artists in black-tie formal wear and holographic roulette wheels. It’s got a classic casino heist storyline and a self-aware pistol with a sense of humor.  It’s got women in cocktail dresses…and one who changes out of hers into a spacesuit in […]


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Two years ago this month a game arrived in an overly saturated market that changed the gaming landscape forever — and my perception of first person shooter games. That game was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from Infinity Ward. It was the third game of the series and a quantum leap up from Call […]


All Of This Has Happened Before…

We’ve been waiting for it. We’ve marked our calendars and counted the months for the Battlestar Galactica tele-movie, The Plan. Sometime in June SyFy president Dave Howe mentioned it would air in November. However, now the network says The Plan will not air in 2009. This should come as no surprise.


Introducing Aion — NCSoft’s Newest MMORPG

NCSoft announced on Friday that it will be opening up the beta version of their new MMORPG, Aion, on September 6th for a one-week period before the game is finalized for their release version, which comes out September 22nd. If you pre-order your copy of Aion now, you can get a two-day head start on […]


Better Than a Real World Quest

Have you always thought that a catchy pop tune about gaming would be the best thing since sliced rye bread? Even if you haven’t, The Guild’s new music video, “Do You Want to Date My Avatar,” is a great way to get in the mood for not only the new season of The Guild but […]


“Push” Rules

Push didn’t promote itself well. Released almost a year to the day after the similarly-themed and poorly-received Jumper and featuring a synopsis that sounds like a repeat episode of Heroes — or worse, X-Men Lite — the movie doesn’t first present itself as something you have to see. So most people didn’t, including me. Fortunately, […]


Sci-Fi Romance Returns: The Time Traveler’s Wife

Eric Bana’s latest movie The Time Traveler’s Wife is sci-fi romance — a genre we haven’t seen often since the days of Han and Leia or George and Lorraine. Bana’s Henry DeTamble is a handsome librarian who travels through time; Rachel McAdams is Clare Abshire, the artist who falls in love with him. Interesting trivia: […]


Alien Prequel Confirmed As Ridley Scott’s Return To Sci-Fi

It turns out Purefold isn’t the only sci-fi project coming down the pipe for famed director/producer Ridley Scott. Late last night, Variety confirmed that the original Alien helmer will direct the upcoming Alien prequel. If we didn’t know better, we’d think this had been timed to perfectly coincide with our crüe’s Alien arc!


A Tron Recollection…

The formal part of the birthday party had finished. Most of the boys went home; only a few of us stayed for the sleepover. We ate our hot dogs, drank our soda, and sat down to watch a movie on the VHS. “What are we watching?” I asked “Some movie called Tron” the host replied. […]


Sam Raimi To Direct Warcraft Movie

Blizzard is teaming up with Legendary Pictures and Sam Raimi to produce a movie based on World of Warcraft. Raimi, known for the Spider-Man trilogy as well as the cult classic The Evil Dead, will direct. Charles Roven — director of last-summer’s blockbuster The Dark Knight — will produce. “At its core, Warcraft is a […]


Live From SDCC: Kevin Smith

Finally, here’s the only man who can hold his own in the wake of the Ironman panel and the reason the hub looks forward to Saturday: Kevin Smith. He has nothing to promote right now, so his was just a straight Q&A that had us falling out of our seats! The man is gracious, kind, […]


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