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GWC #175: Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

This week we wrap up our first Harry Potter arc with discussion of the newly-released Half-Blood Prince. Highlights: we decide that Draco is small-E-evil, note that Bellatrix is absolutely insane, discuss Harry’s actions at the critical moment (and their difference from the book), question whether Dumbledore could have controlled the situation sans Snape’s vow, marvel […]


Half-Blood Prince Shatters Box Office Record

Good news, GWC Harry Potter fans! Earning an astonishing $22.2 million dollars last night alone, the sixth installment of the hugely popular ‘Potter series obliterated the record for a midnight showing, eclipsing previous record holder The Dark Knight by a whopping $4 million. Dark Knight nabbed the record last summer with a midnight release gross […]


GWC #174: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Interview Kristina Horner

This week we watch Goblet of Fire and finish up our pre-Half-Blood Prince ‘Potter discussion. Highlights: we dive more into the various houses and their meanings, discover Chuck’s final sorting result, hear from Kristina Horner and listen to the music of The Parselmouths, note all the awesome new GWCer-generated content on the GWC Community Blog, […]


GWC #173: Harry Potter, Interview with Stephanie Anderson Tonks and the Aurors

This week we jump into the Harry Potter ‘verse with both feet! Highlights: we relate our getting to know ‘Potter stories, draw inspiration from Harry’s rise from a humble childhood, talk values and concepts of leadership, enjoy experiencing the awesomely tight Harry Potter fandom, wrock out to wizard rocker Stephanie Anderson’s Tonks and the Aurors, […]


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