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BSG Fans are Oracular!

I just gotta say, I’m impressed with the Oracle-like qualities of the BSG fans who post here at the Watercooler! I truly did not believe Ellen Tigh knew the drink was poisoned, but many people wrote in to say that her confession followed by “I could really use a drink” was enough foreshadowing for them. […]


Elegy for Ellen Tigh

Poor, poor Ellen’s fall; Wife of Saul, lover of all. Will tainted be her beauty fromloathesome skinjob VD? What will say Colonel Tigh If his wife’s condemned to die? Will he poke out another eye? Or save her from the Cy- lons? If Ellen ends up dead, Who’ll give Cavil head? Alone he’ll off to […]


Ellen Tigh is Incredible…

…in her ability to absolutely frak up everything and everyone she gets near. In the episode “Sacrifice,” (which was the most recent in our marathon to refresh our memories for Season 3), Ellen, apparently along with half of Galactica’s crew, is in the lounge on Cloud Nine. She’ssipping a cocktail and flirting with Lee Adama. […]


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