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Production Design in BSG

TV shows and movies are some of the few entirely collaborative arts. It’s just not possible for one person to create such awork alone, so when I see brilliant show like Galactica, I know that I’m not just witnessing one great idea — I’m seeing hundreds of great ideas from dozens of people andsome inspiring […]


All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.

Here’s a question to ponder: Can any sentient race exist without war? Even though that’s one of the “unanswerables” that keeps humanities scholars busy, I’d suspect we all have an opinion, even if we do (in the immortal — though not the most famous — words of Neil Armstrong when challenged by NASA brassregarding his […]


Kara Thrace, Warrior Painter

Does the name Kara Thrace have any significant meaning? It might if you’re interested in ancient Greek history (as apparently the BSG writers are). Thrace is an area in Eastern Europe that spreads across parts of Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Ancient Thrace, settled around 500 B.C.,also included parts of modern Serbia and Macedonia. The indegenous […]


BSG and Gender Equality: Beyond the Bathrooms

As we were watching the episode “Scar” in our marathon-to-prepare-for-Season-3 the other night, it struck me that it’s really cool that the two “heavy hitters” amongGalactica’s Viper pilots are women, and that the central drama of the episode dealt with the power struggle between Starbuck and Kat. Of course, they’re under Lee’s (the CAG) command, […]


Where’s the Fleet?

I realize I should go back and watch the last few episodes again and again (just got the 2.5 DVD set…it rocks!) till I find out where they are but, where are all the ships from the fleet? Did they strip them for parts and ground them permanently on the planet to live in or […]


The Fairer Sex

While reviewing some older episodes the other day I madean observation. All the cylon females are smoking hot and all the cylon males are, well, kinda geeky looking (except Brother Cavil who is just cool and doesn’t count). Is this a cylon observation of the human race? Did they think looks were more important for […]


Are the Cylons More Human Than Human?

Today in the Podcast we came across an interesting topic. What are the limits in the war? Though I think Chuck will vehemently disagree with me on this, I am pro “kick cylon tail” by whatever means available. I don’t think mass attempted genocide with the follow-up of robbing reproductive organs of human women and […]


Where do they get the Tobacco?

I’ve been wondering, where is everyone on BSG getting their cigarettes and cigars? You can make a still and produce your own alcohol, but tobacco? I assume a lot of them were lying around from before the Cylon attack on the colonies, and perhaps people in the fleet were carrying loads of them to sell. […]


Helo, the Gentleman

Here’s a brain-spinner: in Greek, the phrase Kalos Kai Agathos, or its shortened form, Kalos K’Agathos, means essentially “gentleman.” Kalos means “beautiful,” Kai means “and,” and Agathos means “good.” Beautiful and good = gentleman. Sound familiar? I couldn’t help but notice this seems very close to “Karl C. Agathon,” our BSG Lt. Helo. Perhaps this […]


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