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Anders: Just Too Good to Stay Alive

You’re Anders, you’ve just broken up with Starbuck and it’s your first day out in the fleet. This has got to be a different situation for the guy. No one is actively shooting at him. He’s a bright, honest guy that’s not afraid of hard work. He’s gotta die. There isn’t room for this guy […]


Call Me Starbuck

Thanks to the commentors for all the great info- especially for filling in the details I spaced on in the podcast about Abraham’s sons – Isaac and Ishmael. Now here’s an interesting one, if a bit of a long shot. The first line of Moby Dick is the famous “Call me Ishmael.” The first mate […]


D is for Downloaded

I want to take a lead from a comment posted by Chris on the comments page for podcast #12: In convincing Lee to abandon his father[Dualla] removes a central leader and a huge cadre of warriors in the death of New-Caprica. Leaving a fattened and weakened Lee to lead a civilian contingent. There’s room for […]


Awesome Comment Roundup

We’re always talking in the podcast about the kick-ass comments that our listeners post here at Damn, we’re lucky you take the time to send us all these great ideas! I thought I’d take a minute and run down some of my personal favorites from the ones posted (or emailed) in the last few […]


Humans: They Make Great Pets

Humans don’t make great pets — andneither did the Cylon. However if you were to ever to try and convince a human to feel a certain way when they started off dead set against it, Starbuck would be the last person you should pick. Still, it’s interesting that they Cylon seem to be fixated on […]


BSG Fans are Oracular!

I just gotta say, I’m impressed with the Oracle-like qualities of the BSG fans who post here at the Watercooler! I truly did not believe Ellen Tigh knew the drink was poisoned, but many people wrote in to say that her confession followed by “I could really use a drink” was enough foreshadowing for them. […]


Meat Processors (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cylons)

There’s nothing at all wrong with the fact that we’ve all been totally geeking out over the last week or two, just breathing in the sweet air of sci-fi battle goodness. We could talk for an hour about the Galactica’s incredible arrival in Exodus, Pt. 2 — not to mention Pegasus’ save-the-dayjump— but…Wait. We did […]


What of Tom Zarek?

We didn’t get a chance to spend nearly as much time on this in the last podcast as I’d have hoped, so I suspect it’ll pop up next time as well — but I couldn’t wait that long. What’s going to come of Tom Zarek? I’ve always liked Tom more than I could really justify […]


A Pithy Oracle…

The appearance of the Oracle in recent BSG episodes sparked a lot of interesting speculation in podcast #10, and I realized I didn’t know much about the origins of the Oracle in Greek mythology (which seems to be the basis for a lot of the colonial religion in BSG). The following is from the definition […]


Shooting A Fellow Cylon In The Head: A Slap in The Face?

As Audra mentions in her Cylon-on-Cylon Violence post below, it was a bit shocking to see Caprica Six get shot in the head — and it did sort of chafe a bit on No. 3’s noting of Caprica Six’s rock-to-her-head as the first Cylon-on-Cylon violence. Have the Cylon really gone from “do no harm (to […]


Analogy vs. Allegory

By writing this, I’m risking (again) becoming the target of numerous “keep your personal politics out of your podcast” emails, so if you’re firing up your mailer right now, hold on a second or two and read this post at least twice first. Agreed? OK — here goes… Encarta defines allegory as “a work in […]


Show Meets World

It’s hard to say whether the premiere episode(s) of Season 3 (Occupation/Precipice) have become too-obvious political statements about the real world, but this topic sparked a discussionat our BSG get-together Friday night. One strong argument contends that the show’s emphasis on a war with blurred boundaries, an occupation whose support is faltering from within its […]


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