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Assassination I Can Get Behind

It’s a great thing when the virtual world lines up with our own real life personalities. Playing through on Fable II the second time (slightly less angelic than my last run) my character was recruited by the Assassination Society. One of the first contracts was my favorite. This fine pic is a death warrant. The […]


Life Lessons from Constable Odo

Recently I’ve been watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine again from the beginning. Every time I do this, I’m struck by the moral evolution of the character Odo over the course of the series. In the fourth episode of Season One, “A Man Alone,” Odo becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a Bajoran […]


Homie, Thy Name Is Data

In an attempt to wind down a few days ago I happened to catch an episode of Star Trek TNG. It was the season 7 episode “Parallels” where Worf returns from a bat’leth tournament to find that he’s jumping through different realities. Data helps him figure out what’s up and how to fix it when […]


Will You Watch The Watchmen?

Today asks, “Will anyone watch the ‘Watchmen’?” Answer: Not-so-friendly partners Warner Bros. and Fox hope so. They’ve got a $100M+ bill to pay, and they’re betting your bladder will hold out for 160 minutes. But while I can’t imagine everyone wanting to run out and buy their kids Veidt or Rorschach action figures — […]


Fable II: Life After Lucien

Fable II, after the fateful day in the spire and the defeat of Lucien, is quite entertaining. I really didn’t think it was going to be. After all what can one actually accomplish after saving the world and defeating the most evil man in the land? As it turns out there’s some badass left to […]


Why I Love Gaeta

Okay, so maybe it’s the sudden spark of love interest(s?) for Gaeta in the webisodes, or maybe that cute tiger tattoo has finally smitten me, but I’ve got to give some love to Felix Gaeta. First of all, the man is downright handsome. Sure, a teeny bit effeminate compared with the hunky Anders or the […]


Appleseed Ex Machina

Anime can be a tough nut to crack. Tightly clung to favorites are defended to a degree that can make newcomers both confused and more than a little turned off by the level of zest fanatics of a particular series will engage newbie’s with. Harsh criticism is also abundant and quick to be heaped upon […]


Uncomfortable Places/Comforting Flicks

The Terminator arc is happening, and it’s going quite well. Having not seen T1 in a long time, I was still prepared to enjoy the hell out of it — even if its ancient effects would distract. (20 is like 200 in VFX years.) But it turns out that the only part that I even […]


Heroes <> Watchmen

As Watchmen nears release — and Heroes/Villains approaches its season debut — I’ve heard a lot of stink about the later ripping off the former. Sure, they’re both studies in the reasons for and results of vigilanteism. But they approach the topic from opposite directions. Where all the Watchmen (save Dr. Manhattan) are just people […]


Give The Earth a Chance

It’s often difficult to be a Science Fiction fan. We must endure much. The disdain of our fellow man for our geekness and the outright fury of our own geekly kind for holding contrary views to their contrary views – oh yes it is quite a complicated existence. As rabid fans of all things sci-fi we […]


Dr. Horrible and Me

I heard a great deal about Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog in the last few weeks and it came heavily recommended from people I respect so I decided to check it out. After about 10 minutes in I couldn’t watch anymore, I turned it off it was – horrible. I wondered why folks had been making a […]


BSG Theory Roundup

Just in time for tonight’s episode, here’s the latest crop of truly awesome BSG theories sent in by GWCers: Hera and Chief’s kid will be “Adam & Eve” on Earth. They will be the only survivors of the trek to Earth — since Starbuck will bring death. [Daleed77] The rag-tag fleet finally makes it to […]


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