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GWC #357: Sean Gets to be Debbie, No Death Star for U.S.

This week as we re-ignite the Disney princess discussion, Sean reaffirms the impracticality of staving off the tidal wave of pink and weighs in on the fun of wearing a sparkly headband while playing backup for a three-year-old rock star. And, we run down the Week in Geek, get a glimpse of the new FX […]


GWC #348: Lucas/Disney, Voicemails

In this episode, we discuss the recent acquisition news regarding Lucasfilm and Disney, and take some voicemail calls.


Eff This Week #43: Inside The Whale

This week, Juan Skypes in to the show from Anaheim, California, the secret breeding ground of Canadian tech wizards. And we put Disney characters into coital scenarios, including particularly vivid images of Pinocchio “inside” the whale, Aladdin’s monkey-bro Abu, and a sexy teapot from Beauty and the Beast. Come join the madness!


GWC #309: Cinderella, Tangled

We watch and greatly enjoy Disney’s take on Rapunzel, Tangled, discussing falling as a form of fairy tale death and the role of single parents in fairy tales. Audra takes us through the long history of the Cinderella tale, with a side of Bobbit. (No, really.) And we run down the week in geek, including VW’s […]


Sneak Peek: The Star Wars BluRays w/iPad App

Though the BluRays don’t release until September 16th, Twentieth Century Fox released an iPad app which they claim offers “a varied sampling of bonus materials featured in the collection including never-before-seen content sourced from the Lucasfilm archives.” Admittedly, it seems that all the cool stuff in the app will be available on the BluRays when […]


Snowblowers, Wine Coolers and William Shatner

When we say we are the friendliest frakin’ people in scifi we mean it. We are a community of people who respect each other, share with each other and have fun with each other. We are clever, we are occasionally insightful and almost always hi-larious. One perfect example of our friendly hivemind leaping into action […]


Cowboys, Aliens, and SDCC Smack

The Operator sent over an interesting article this morning from Slashfilm pointing out that we’ll get a Cowboys and Aliens screening at San Diego Comic Con this year (woot!) and noting that some studios are planning to “skip” the ‘con of ‘cons this year. Specifically, “Warner Bros., Disney, and DreamWorks aren’t bringing films to the […]


Expanding The Home Movie Experience: Disney’s Second Screen

I’m usually one to be completely engrossed in watching a movie at home. In fact, to make sure I hear the dialogue correctly, I usually turn on the closed captioning. But with a movie or franchise I’m really interested in, I know I’ll be watching the movie over and over again, like the obsessed geek […]


GWC #266: What If?

We dive into some of the great late-night, had-a-few-beers “what if” questions of sci-fi. And we run down the week in geek, including a Star Trek porn update (including casting specifics), failed Trek series pitched by cast members, new Tron 3 news, Top Gun (the movie)’s return to theaters this month, a new Pixar “Disney […]


10 Things Shooter Learned From Tron Legacy

Sean posted a great blog post about the ten things he learned from Tron 1982. I know I’m late to the party, but after just seeing Tron tonight, here are ten things I learned from seeing Tron Legacy


GWC #248: Narnia, Part III

We wrap up our Narnia arc with a preview and analysis of Dawn Treader just in time for the new movie release. Mythopeic Society member and Narnia fan Randy Hoyt joins us to delve into symbology and themes in Dawn Treader. And we run down the week in geek, including a keystone cops XBox modder […]


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