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GWC #361: The Dominion War

In this episode, Sean is out sick, so Chuck and Audra take the time to wax philosophical about their recent rewatch of the “Dominion War” episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Save Eureka #41: S05E08 In Too Deep

We draw similarities between this week’s episode and the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode Hard Time, in which aliens alter O’Brien’s memory to simulate him serving time in jail. We note how Allison’s long-term issues with Carter weren’t related to Jo, but rather to Allison’s past experiences in losing family members. And we have […]


Life Lessons from Constable Odo

Recently I’ve been watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine again from the beginning. Every time I do this, I’m struck by the moral evolution of the character Odo over the course of the series. In the fourth episode of Season One, “A Man Alone,” Odo becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a Bajoran […]


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