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GWC #327: Growing Up Geek Wrap-Up

We wrap up our growing up geek arc this week with some mixed discussion of how our various media selections fit together to make us who we are today. Also, we run down the week in geek, including Ray Bradbury’s death (and how Fahrenheit 451’s message still applies in today’s digital book market), the new […]


Modern Geek #12: Kindle Update, DC Comics/BN, Prepping for iOS5 Update

We run down interesting new news, including Amazon’s option of removing ads from the ad-supported Kindle for $30, Barnes and Noble’s war with DC Comics, and more information about the XBOX TV “network.” And we walk you through what you need to do to be prepared for the coming Apple iOS5 update. Also, we take […]


My (Vicarious) Superboy Encounter

When I saw today’s io9’s recall of the long (and thankfully) lost Superboy show, it reminded me of my first (and only) close encounter with the Superman franchise. Some of Superboy was filmed at the University of Central Florida during my brief time there. In fact, someone happily edited this into UCF’s Wikipedia page recently […]


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