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Final Four Activated Due To Location? Tigh’s Eye Holds Key To Show’s Mythology?

ComicMix just fired off a Q&A with BSG co-executive producer Mark Verheiden. And while thankfully Verheiden doesn’t dish any spoilers, his “A”s to ComicMix’s “Q”s point speculative fans in some interesting directions. For example, when asked why Six can sense the final five while Athena can’t, Verheiden responded: “It’s important to look back at where […]


David Weddle On The Cylon “Plan” And Starbuck’s Destiny

BSG supervising producer — and Friend of GWC — David Weddle interviewed with SyFy Portal today, offering some insight into how Starbuck’s now-famous mandala rose from apartment art to major plot point. In short: Weddle and partner Bradley Thompson picked up on it when re-screening Valley of Darkness during research for Rapture. They then decided […]


BSG/DS9 Writers Developing Story For Aliens Game

Fans will be happy to hear that BSG/DS9 writers David Weddle and Bradley Thompson are preparing the story behind the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game now scheduled for release late this year. The Weddle/Thompson team’s Galactica credits include “Rapture,” “Maelstrom”, the incredible “Exodus: Part 1” and “Exodus: Part 2,” plus the pre-season-three “Resistance” webisodes. They […]


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