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FitSmart #39: Compound Exercises, Data Collection

We take a look at compound exercises and how they fit into the workout routine as well as discuss some of our recent data collection experiences.


FitSmart #37: Body Type Myths and Device Updates

We discuss the myths and realities of “body types.” And we update you on our most recent experiences with fitness data collection devices, including the new Bodymedia Core activity tracker and Runkeeper.


FitSmart #36: Data For The Long Term

We discuss how to collect and interpret data when working on long-term fitness goals. We dispel the myth that women who don’t wish to “bulk up” shouldn’t lift. And we take some great listener calls including a tale of Thanksgiving dinner and an insightful question about how to manage meals in a household packed with […]


FitSmart #34: Motivating for the Long Term

Many fitness goals take a while to reach, so this week we dive into the many differences between motivating yourself for short term action (like making it to the gym today) and motivating yourself for long term success. Key discussions: accepting variation in your eating and workout plans, avoiding burnout, and interpreting slow-to-change data.


Modern Geek #56: Phones for Fitness, Listener Mail

Getting into walking, running, or riding for fitness? Have a smartphone? We share some paths to connect the two, turning the gear you already own into a GPS-enabled recording device for automatically tracking your efforts and plugging into online communities for encouragement. We also delve into the world of ANT+ wireless sensors, which (with the […]


FitSmart #13: Interpreting Data

We discuss various data points and how to interpret them in meaningful ways. Also: Chuck shares his reasons for eating vegetables.


Modern Geek #34: Apple Pre-Event, Win Skype

We put a little thought into this week’s Apple event and its likely launch of the iPad 3. We discover that Microsoft Flight is going free-to-play. We talk about Microsoft’s push for Win-phone Skype compatibility. We discuss AT&T’s latest wireless data bandwidth fiasco. And we think about HBO’s future with the XBox.


Modern Geek #27: New AT&T Data Plans, SOPA Primer

We run down AT&T’s latest data plan modifications, offering slightly more data at a slightly higher cost. And as much as we hate to talk about it — especially since it’s already “shelved” for now — we run through the provisions of SOPA/PIPA, its predecessors, and the bills likely to follow in its wake.


Modern Geek #24: Best Gym Music Player, Long Term Data Storage

We share our experiences in selecting a high quality, inexpensive music player for the gym — choosing one you might not expect. We answer a listener call asking about the best storage medium for long-term data archival. And Juan tells us a little about his recent Kinect interactions.


Modern Geek #16: Black Friday/Password Security

We offer some advice on how to avoid disappointing Black Friday purchases. We talk about password security and how you can easily and dramatically increase the security of your online accounts and identity. And we take a listener call about cellular data plans.


Modern Geek #15: SIRI Explainer/Redundancy vs. Backup

We cover the iOS 5.0.1 release — the platform’s first OTA update. We explain the basics of how SIRI works and why outages occur. We discuss Adobe’s halt of movie/TV Flash player development and what it means to the industry. We delve into the differences between redundancy and backup when it comes to data protection, […]


Modern Geek #8: Unlimited Data, Hosting a Personal Blog

We talk a bit about the realities of “unlimited” data plans. We dive into the ins, outs, and available options for hosting a personal blog. And we address a listener concern: what to do when you want to share a Google+ meetup with someone local to you.


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