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Earth’s First Generation Ship?

It’s a science fiction staple: Earth’s first interstellar missions (assuming we’re not contacted by some advanced race) begin with “generation” ships — spacecraft that travel at low, sub-light speeds, traveling to the closest stars over two or three lifetimes. Those who initially crew the departing ship will never reach the destination, but their┬ádescendants will. Now […]


GWC #216: Conan the Destroyer, Xena

This week: It’s all leather all the time here at GWC as Mr. The Destroyer opens a restaurant and Xena meets Callisto. We also run down the week in geek, including Blockbuster Video’s Avatar look-a-like contest, new Avatar 2 details, Macross creator Carl Macek’s untimely death, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith’s new MIB3(D) commitment, […]


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