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Reader Theory: Jumping Jupiter!

Ken writes: “In the episodeThe Passage Baltar and Number 3 talk to the hybrid and receive something like a prophecy from her concerning the Eye of Jupiter. Whether this is a place or an artifact is not really clear, but the odd thing is the name Jupiter. Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek […]


Does Not Fempute!

Ok, it’s driving me crazy and I’ve gotta ask: what’s with the Hybrid? I want so badly to know more about this woman/machine/fembot in the bathtub of goo. I suspect as soon as we get back to the D’Anna Biers storyline and explore her forays between life and death a little more, we’ll also see […]


G’Day, Mate

Has anyone else wondered why D’Anna Biers has an accent – or at least, an accent that is different from the one used by most of the other characters in BSG? “Well,” you might say, “It’s obvious: Lucy Lawless is from New Zealand, so she doesn’t sound like the American and Canadian actors.”But Jamie Bamber […]


D’anna’s Love

It seems that D’anna Biers (Number 3) has found love in Hera/Isis, just as the Oracle on New Caprica predicted. But where is the baby? It seems like the baby is a significant part of D’anna’s newfound love, and based on much speculation here on the blog and in podcasts, love could be an invaluable […]


Shooting A Fellow Cylon In The Head: A Slap in The Face?

As Audra mentions in her Cylon-on-Cylon Violence post below, it was a bit shocking to see Caprica Six get shot in the head — and it did sort of chafe a bit on No. 3’s noting of Caprica Six’s rock-to-her-head as the first Cylon-on-Cylon violence. Have the Cylon really gone from “do no harm (to […]


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