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GWC #319: Avengers Part 2, Iron Man

We continue our Avengers arc with the first Iron Man movie. Chuck relates why he connects so much with Tony Stark. We question whether we finally live in a world where a new Iron Man-like story could feature a female protagonist. And we run down the week in geek, including our celebrations of First Contact […]


Earth’s First Generation Ship?

It’s a science fiction staple: Earth’s first interstellar missions (assuming we’re not contacted by some advanced race) begin with “generation” ships — spacecraft that travel at low, sub-light speeds, traveling to the closest stars over two or three lifetimes. Those who initially crew the departing ship will never reach the destination, but their┬ádescendants will. Now […]


GWC #193: Cosmos, Carl Sagan, Interview with Ann Druyan, Nick Sagan, Dan Werthimer

This week: Ann Druyan and Nick Sagan give us a unique and heartfelt look into the origins of Cosmos and Contact — and what esteemed scientist, citizen, father, and husband Carl Sagan was really like. SETI @ Home chief scientist Dan Werthimer explains humanity’s actual plan for how to deal with the discovery of an […]


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