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Mexican Comic Book Art On Display In Phoenix-Area Museum

If you’re looking for some unique comic culture, swing by the West Valley Art Museum in Surprise, AZ — a Phoenix suburb — before March 16th. They’re hosting a display of vintage Mexican comics belonging to local avid collector Russ Todd.


Forget Stocks — Buy Comics!

Stephen Fishler of Metropolis Collectibles is on CNN today explaining how collecting comics — and vintage movie posters — might be an option for wary investors burned by the stock market. One example: Fishler owns the first comic in which Batman appeared, which sold for $0.10 in 1939, but is worth $485,000 today.


Taylor Kitsch As Gambit

So I hear that Taylor Kitsch will be playing everyone’s favorite (or despised) Cajun — Gambit — in the new Wolverine movie. In the immortal words of Mal: “Hmpf.” You can always recognize Gambit via his traditional garb — a long trench coat and (most of the time) a fighting staff. He can charge any […]


My (Vicarious) Superboy Encounter

When I saw today’s io9’s recall of the long (and thankfully) lost Superboy show, it reminded me of my first (and only) close encounter with the Superman franchise. Some of Superboy was filmed at the University of Central Florida during my brief time there. In fact, someone happily edited this into UCF’s Wikipedia page recently […]


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